G.O.T. SHOLS_U2_36.0 release

We are proud to present to you the initial release of the new firmware

(For the avoidance of doubt we have ONLY injected the vulnerable recovery from nadlabak directly in the SBF files. All other modifications require our G.O.T Open Recovery)

Multiupload.com – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Multiupload.com – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Multiupload.com – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

OpenRecovery G.O.T

G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery

We strongly recommend that you take a nandroid backup first. If you do not know how to do that, you should probably NOT INSTALL this release in the first place and wait for the official OTA release.

For a simple installation guideline and more information of the supplied G.O.T. hacks in the OpenRecovery see our latest post in the How-To section.

DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk. G.O.T will and cannot take any responsibility for any issues or damages to your device. If you are unsure, uncertain or not able to recover from any issues that may arise during the installation, do not use this release.

31 Responses to “G.O.T. SHOLS_U2_36.0 release”

  1. robert Says:

    I’m using a UK Milestone in Spain. Now I’m using the 02.34.3-HK firmware.
    is possible to use this roms?
    what are the differences BTW DACH, 02 and VF ? are provider specific? or is possible to use in other provider or in a free device?

    • Matrix,
      the HK firmeware was already updated to .36.0 (or will be shortly)
      Howver, if you are in spain, i would strongly advise NOT to use the HK release. THe german versions all support espanol anyhow, so you should be better off using this release (if you would like). O2 and DACH are not branded. VF is a little.

      • robert Says:

        please, what’s the reason to unrecommend HK firm in spain?
        i’m using and works very fine!

      • You can either trust us that we have reasons for saying so, or not. It is your call 🙂

  2. Skrilax_CZ Says:

    Can you share the original SBF file(names)?

  3. Kekin Says:

    How to change QWERTZ of the DACH firmware to QWERTY? Is there any quick hack just to do that? Tks, guys

  4. panateo Says:

    What is the difference between the UK version and the Central Europe one, in terms of features?

    Could you please also share the original full (not service) SBF files?


  5. Hi,

    you Guys are awesome. Nice Job.

    But one thing is missing!!!

    Please add the uninstall memhack option!!


  6. Lado Says:

    Is it possible to add some new locale to the system?

    • G.O.T will not include custom or additional localisations to the existing software. That is why we issue a number of releases in accordance with the firmware intended for the individual markets.

  7. Hi,
    thanx for solving all the bugs in my italian milestone.
    and became root, nandroid backup all the stuff
    now Iam ready for keyexec, 2nd rom on top of this one ; -)

  8. Hi,
    I have succesfully installed your DACH 02.36.0 SBF but it may seems that I got the alarm bug not ringing on time back. It was fix by flashing Telus kernel, but it seems not comptible with this baseband version and hang MOTO Logo.

    So my question is, if the alarm bug present in prior kernel is supposed to be fix in this kernel also or does this kernel still have this alarm bug ??

    Thank you for your work,

    • groupoften1 Says:

      AFAIK the Alarm bug is fixed in the .36 release. So no need for the Telus Kernel anymore (and your phone will no longer startup on its own) 🙂

  9. DAGr8 Says:

    Hi , I wonder why I see this in the notifications tab , right under my provider name it says : %-I%P . I also get pop up that are not translated in the appropriate matter .. . my phone is in english/ Canada Language and Im using your first release , ( DACH ) . I remember reading about it in ‘known bugs ‘ do you guys intent to correct this or is it present in other location f/w ?

    • groupoften1 Says:


      These settings and translation errors are in the firmware from Motorola and we have no means of fixing such. Every build is customised for a particual market by Motorola, and you are using the German one in an English market. Maybe simply use the UK version?

  10. Martin Juhl Says:

    Hi all..

    I have had problems after enabling App2SD..

    Some applications wouldn’t install, including Grooveshark…

    /system/bin/mount -o bind /data/app2sd/app-private /data/app-private

    from /system/bin/boot_script/51_app2sd.sh


    creating symbolic link:

    rm -rf /data/app-private
    ln -s /data/app /data/app-private

    Have solved these problems…

    • Martin Juhl Says:

      Ups… Don’t do this…. doesn’t work after reboot…

      Trying to find another workaround…

  11. Denis Says:

    Whether will be ROM with the Russian localisation?

    • As far as we know, the russian version is SHOLS_U2_27.X. So this SBF file is not on our current release plan as we cannot test it properly due to lack of russions speaking members in our team. If you want us to find and upload, we may certainly try that, but we will leave the sbf unmodified since we lack the testing personell.

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  13. Omar Says:

    Hi, I bought my milestone in the middle east, which one of the three is most appropriate? My build numbr is SCHOLS_U2_02.27.6. Thanks!

  14. wilhelm Says:

    What if I have the HK version?? What to do?

  15. […] […]

  16. […] OS – RSD Lite – OpenRecovery 1.37 – CyanogenMod (update.zip) Wie gehe ich hervor? 1. Am besten hier eine SBF Datei nach Wahl runterladen! Somit erspart man sich die Arbeit im Nachhinein nochmals die […]

  17. fame Says:

    All links down :/

  18. ephety Says:

    Can someone upload those sbf files again? Thanks!

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