Install via SBF

Our current release
OpenRecovery G.O.T. Edition
At first: You do this all on your own risk!
Make sure that you have a working nandroid backup on your SD card.


  1. Charge your device!  It’s never wrong to have a full battery, but we recommend at least 50% before you initiate the upgrade.
  2. Shut down the device and start into bootloader mode (d-pad up + power)
  3. Connect the Milestone and install the USB Drivers if not already installed
  5. Flash our SBF-file.
  6. The phone will reboot automatically after RSD has finished.
  7. The initial reboot may take very long, be patient and don’t touch the phone!See below if you are stuck at the M or in a reboot loop
  8. Root your phone like you did in the older releases by applying the either via the root or the faboulous OpenRecovery from Skrilax_CZ.
  9. We recommend our OpenRecovery G.O.T edition (see below) to modify and root your device.

Now you are good to go with your new firmware version… 😉

RANDOM  error: Although these are service files (means your data should remain intact), we have had some non-reproducable instances with these files where a battery take-out/place back in is required to boot the device (up to 2 times) also with the original Motorola sbf files.
If you are stuck at the Motorola logo or the Android loading screen after a considerable amount of time (5 minutes)
Take out the battery, then reinstall the battery (cold reboot)
– Try whether the device now boots. If not, repeat once more.
– If the device still does not boot, boot straight into recovery and perform a data wipe.
– You can then restore your previously taken /data image from nandroid after the initial boot.

OpenRecovery G.O.T V1.0

If you want to unleash your Milestone, you should apply our OpenRecovery G.O.T. Mod.

This will enable the following:

  • Overclocking in mot_boot_mode.
  • Memhack
  • Change of the build.prop to allow market access.
  • Simple screen with G.O.T. wallpaper and black notification bar adapted to the new framework which was introduced with SHOLS_U2_02.36.

Install the included in the root directory of your SD card. The included OpenRecovery folder must be copied to your SD card also (note: you may have to delete a previously installed version of OpenRecovery first by deleting the folder on your SD card)

DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk. G.O.T will and cannot take any responsibility for any issues or damages to your device. If you are unsure, uncertain or not able to recover from any issues that may arise during the installation, do not use this release.

18 Responses to “Install via SBF”

  1. Wong Says:

    After using the GOT recovery still hang at the M logo, taking out battery and try to boot again but fail to boot into recovery, hang at the logo also.

  2. i’m also stuck on M logo boot… but have root (after multiple flash attempts) and can run your openrecovery with nandroid… I was thinking I might have to swap my SD card into a PC, move a recovery file into the appropriate directory and then nandroid backup the ROM?

    any advice is great, thanks


  3. Bogdan Dumitru Says:

    Please update your how-to for linux users.
    there is this tool that works flawlessly and was designed specifically for milestone/droid
    The only catch is repairing permissions for execution (chmod a+x) (for linux n00bs but linux users still) and manually putting milestone in bootloader (PWR+VOLUP+CAMERA)

    That’s it.
    Oh, and thanks for the great projects!!

  4. Bogdan Dumitru Says:

    For those stuck at M logo, you should just do a simple Wipe (Factory reset) from recovery menu (either the motorola default one or OpenRecovery)

    • christopher Says:

      i tried this and now their is no power: no charging led on side no power up at all what can i do

  5. hasanaat Says:

    where is the SBF file located in the open recovery download. im new to this and cant locate it 🙂

  6. The GPS don’t work in MOtorola Milestone 😦

  7. The GPS is working…. 😀

  8. mani Says:

    installed GOT v 1.10 a in milestone..
    problems :
    Volume roker not working
    Camera button not functioning
    Physical Keyboard is not functioning !! why is it so ? 😦

  9. cdrom1028 Says:

    has anyone had luck with the milestone xt720 yet?

  10. Manu Says:

    Where is the SBF file??????

  11. druid Says:

    Hello, i’m in big trouble: i tried to flash my motorola milestone with the la got that is available on this website but it failed: . I have tried to reflash it with vulnerable_recovery_only_RAMDLD90_78.sbf but the only mode i can get is the bootloader mode in both cases… what can i do ? thanks in advance!

  12. druid Says:

    I juste retried to flash it using the rteu but i get the same error message :/

  13. druid Says:

    I have tried to flash it from windows xp using rsd lite : i don’t have any error message but the OTA check is still made, so i suppose it didn’t work for real.

    I also tried to flash it from linux again after that, to flash other firmware etc i did not let the phone reboot each time to make sure the ota check would not be set again, but nothing changes: i still have an error on the signature when trying to install open recovery from the boot mode…

    i ve made a hundred of tests here but nothing works, could somebody help me?

    Please note that i had never flashed my motorola milestone before and that i have also tried to update my bootloader from 0.73 to 0.78 but that it didn’t changed anything…

  14. druid Says:

    Ok it works now thanks to the included sbf!

  15. christopher Says:

    help no power after being stuck on m logo i have no charging led on the side of phone or front … is it dead

  16. Ravi Says:

    which .sbf file, i cant seem to find it, plus im a nook at this, btw thanks for the 2.2.1.sbf, works great so far

  17. I followed the steps exactly and everything worked fine. No errors and all OK.

    Problem: My Milestone (DACH/Switzerland) still is on the 2.1-update1 according to the Phone information screen.

    It behaves just like I had reset the Phone to the factory default.

    Any ideas?

    Btw: The email address is real, I use it for such things.

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