Upcoming releases and roadmap

We have decided to give you a quick peek behind the scenes.

We are currently working on the following:

FIRMWARE– SHOLS_U2_02.38.0 for FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN – (before you ask, these Southern Europe countries will get a .38 release, however, we have not been able to locate any differences that are worth mentioning to the .36 release.
– Expand to include TELUS (Canada) and Russian firmware files – under investigation

G.O.T OpenRecovery
V1.03 – bugfix release – scheduled for end of week/weekend
V1.04 – new features in approx 1-2 weeks

24 Responses to “Upcoming releases and roadmap”

  1. Excellent work guys loving the first step towards a custom rom!

    Please can you add the new facebook app and skin that, so that market doesnt overwrite the nice skinning. Also i use Twitter on the same page, can you skin that with the similar detail. My search also seems to of been overwriten with default style but the mic button is not visible.

    Are you able to skin the lock screen.

    Ive noticed that dolphin browser has an Ice theme, which is blue/black this may work well for others who like this style of theme.

    the launcer pro seems to be crashing/hanging a bit, could be to do with the update to 0.60?
    The skin/style although very nice, is sometimes hard to see in daylight.
    Once you change the wallpaper, how to you get it back without having to re-install theme?

    ::other questions::
    can you explain what the memhack does? i cant get it to boot with the option on, and the apps2sd seems to of wiped my card, what a dope i am, (of course i have backups) it has formatted/split the memory card, is the next step just to run apps2sd, and how will this affect me with a class 2 card also when the new update comes out will i need to install any apps again?

    Thanks guys, i would love to help with any beta testing or any small dev tasks.

    Keep up the good work!

    • thanks darren, we hope the majority of things you stated here are adressed in the V1.03…

      • thank you yes, i would just like a twitter app skinned? im looking about on google for a metamorph to see if someone had done it already. just nandroiding incase of the inevitable.

        thankyou again keep up the good work!

  2. This could help your theming



  3. Roberto Says:

    Whats special about the busybox binary from your mod (the one that says to be a “VERSION_FROM_THE_FUTURE” ? 😛

    When i was fixin the PATH for the busybox install script i noticed that it also deletes SU, and i think that removes root, is that correct ?

    I am using the THAI release, it has the same bands that TELUS and PERSONAL (Argentina, south america) need.

  4. Alberto Says:

    When the SBF from Argentina???????????????? Pleaseee!!!!

    • La SBF para THAI es la misma que podes usar para Argentina. Funciona perfectamente.

      • Alberto Says:

        Ya se en realidad ahora podes usar todas con el cambio de red, pero estaria que saquen una con personal…Porque en personal no sabemos porque tenemos en algunos lugares mayor senal que en otros. Aparte asi facilitamos a los chicos muchas cosas jajaja…

  5. God work people !!! Move on !!! 😀


  6. ozekna Says:

    Are you aware of this bug? http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=7520
    Probably it has something to do with “dynamic overclocking on demand” on 2.1 Droid/Milestone and can be fixed with just tweaking of some kernel structures without waiting for 2.2 where it’s probably fixed (can’t tell for sure until the official 2.2 goes OTA – see the link above)

    Or maybe the newest update 2.38 already fixes it?

  7. Ciso Says:

    How long you think we have to wait? I’m from Italy and I was just about to install the Central Europe Release.
    Do I have to wait for the Italian release? 🙂

    • Given the fact that we all have jobs and private lives apart from G.O.T, we will be unable to release them earlier than this weekend. So if you want, go ahead and install the CEUR Version. We dont think you will find many differences to Italy in the first place. We issue it for “completeness”.

      • Ciso Says:

        Ok, I’ll wait some other days for the italian version.
        BTW the central europe versione has the QWERTY keyboard?

  8. could you guys please include a 850/1900 band on your road map like SHLA_U2_03.05.0 or superior?
    see:http://bit.ly/9hHP0e (Brasil Retail SBFs)… also, the Thai version you release is Service? I would really appreciate a retail SBF if is possible

    • we will refrain from full sbfs (non-service) for the moment. Reason is you can simply “wipe /data” in the recovery after flashing the service sbf file – which is the same as using the full sbf.

      • good to know!…
        Hey guys is there a way to add some sort of switch so we can use any SBF no matter which bands is intended to?… see DAG8r’s post over Motorolafans.com http://bit.ly/a0D4X7

  9. trytka Says:

    please include a fix for the font in the GOT theme..

  10. Beto Says:

    Pleaseee de Argentinian Version from Personal…. We really what it…

  11. gemini002 Says:

    well i love the effort but there are problems with telus milestone i can apply the thailand rom but only after a wipe factory reset also none of the got menu mods work it just hangs at motorola screen or android screen.if i restore data hangs at android if i apply over my current 2.1 rom it hangs at m logo pls fix i guess we need the telus firmware leak …..

  12. mrcaze Says:

    Looking forward for Russian firmware. Thumbs up!

  13. robert Says:

    have you a prevission of the got’s android 2.2 release for the milestone? 😉

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