New G.O.T OpenRecovery V1.03

G.O.T OpenRecovery V1.03 released!

– Seperate Menu for overclocking and various speeds (all locked at VSEL 56, the max voltage for stock)
– Fixed busybox installation bug
– Included warnings for APPS2SD
– Facebook sync fix für UK/RTEU included in build.prop
– Enhanced restore menu for all modifications
– Included nadlabaks keyboard chart change into G.O.T
– Modified G.O.T Theme (and added a special treat, the Droid X Multitouch softkeyboard) and battery load indicator for 10% increases (so you will see 100%, 90% 80%, 70% etc from mattmaso and he_stheone64 from

You can download the new release here.

29 Responses to “New G.O.T OpenRecovery V1.03”

  1. excellent work guys, i love that you can make the phone clock down to the safer and much lower 650.

    the new font is brilliant, so much clearer, battery icon is clearer also along with the clock. Youve managed to get my facebook app skinned very nice too! can you please skin the Twitter one the same way?

    thanks for updated launcer pro, so i get to keep the little home button, i did notice i lost that when i updated the app myself

    busybox is defiately installed, as it prompts me on cachemate when i clear the cache now! excellent!

    Are you able to make the lock screen have a blue line to draw my pattern in?

    facebook sync is working perfectly!

    i forgot about the droid x keyboard, it looks very nice, will just have to find out what the extra features are.

    excellent work guys, and again if there is anything i can do to help, please let me know 🙂

    thanks guys

  2. Awesome work guys!!

    Just two notes:

    -In the App-Drawer: Some Symbols (if the name is too long to be completely displayed) show a blank square

    -In the new keyboard (I’m from germany and have the qwertz-layout): on the symbols-page there is shown “&amp”, when i press that key i get the &-symbol, same on the 2nd symbols-page – there it says “<” and i also get the &-symbol. also, adding a word that was not recognized via the keyboard-settings-symbol does not work

    these are no big bugs and i don’t even know if they are caused by your customizations, but i would be happy if you could take a look at these points

    thank you and keep on doing your great work!!

  3. Roberto Says:

    didn’t notice it in the keyboard, since i use swype, but in my app list in titanium backup, i have TONS of little squares.

    i LOVE the new font, but it seems to have problems.

    pd: i use my phone in spanish

  4. Roberto Says:

    after a little use, i noticed the “square” error because of the fonts in:

    1) some twitter user names in twicca
    2) some web page names in dolphin browser tabs (dolphin home, x example)

  5. TheHaunted Says:

    Thanx so much for fixing my Milestone.
    This font works ok in dutch, and looks better than the other one in V1.02.
    Also like the possibility to scale the cpu down again 😉
    How cool that 10 guys can do more than a whole company….keep up the good work!
    Greetings from a satisfied G.O.T. User

    Do we even need a (keyexec) free bootloader? with the hard work you guys do my phone is already perfect!

  6. Your new fonts are pretty nice, but they don’t despaly Greek characters, so i see squares… Also i see squares in some applications in application menu tha have big name…. I hope you will make something to correct these 2 issues… Thanks for your excellent work….

  7. The new font does not display Vietnamese correctly. Please guide how to change to the default font ?
    Thanks for your hard work

    • fonts are stored in system/fonts, but i don’t know if you can simply take a font, rename it and move it there or if there are limitations. additionally, i think the permissions will have to be set correctly (644).

    • direk Says:

      I had the same problem with Polish special chars, like “ąśćżłóń”. They are all missing in new font. In version 1.03 everything was fine.

  8. I just copy the original fonts to /system/fonts and everything is ok now. Thanks

  9. Simon Broenner Says:

    Hi everyone!

    GOT Openrecovery 1.03 hangs on the Motorola logo when I try to apply Apps2SD Symlink edition.

    1. DACH 02.34 Full-SBF via RSD-Lite
    2. GOT editon DACH 02.36 Service-SBF via RSD Lite
    3. Move GOT OpenRecovery files to SD card
    4. Apply hacks via Recovery mode (which works great, btw. – very good work, nice and user-friendly)
    a) Nandroid full backup
    b) reboot into system, copy Nandroid off of SD-card in case it’s needed later
    c) enter Recovery again
    d) apply all hacks except theme and Apps2SD
    e) Reboot, works fine, backup complete SD card
    f) enter Recovery again, apply Apps2SD Symlink edition

    Device now hangs on Motorola logo.

    Any ideas why this could be happening?

    • groupoften1 Says:


      Like we stated in the how-to!

      Now you are good to go with your new firmware version…

      RANDOM error: Although these are service files (means your data should remain intact), we have had some non-reproducable instances with these files where a battery take-out/place back in is required to boot the device (up to 2 times) also with the original Motorola sbf files.
      If you are stuck at the Motorola logo or the Android loading screen after a considerable amount of time (5 minutes)
      – Take out the battery, then reinstall the battery (cold reboot)
      – Try whether the device now boots. If not, repeat once more.
      – If the device still does not boot, boot straight into recovery and perform a data wipe.
      – You can then restore your previously taken /data image from nandroid after the initial boot

      However, I am not an expert on Apps2SD, so maybe your issue is related to Apps2sd… I cannot comment on that.

      Hope this helps

      • Simon Broenner Says:


        Thank you for the prompt reply – I should have mentioned that I don’t really need help solving the problem, I was just trying to make you aware of it, so that you can fix it for “future generations” 😉

        1. Taking out the battery and replacing it does not allow the device to boot
        2. A data wipe (both from the regular Recovery menu, and all of the wipe options from the GOT OpenRecovery menu) doesn’t solve the problem either
        3. Restoring the Nandroid backup doesn’t allow the device to boot either

        After reflashing the DACH 02.34 Full-SBF and then the GOT DACH Service-SBF, everything works as usual – as long as I don’t try to install Apps2SD Symlink edition again. If I do (even if it’s the first thing I do after flashing both SBFs), the device hangs on boot agian…

      • Caio Porto Says:

        Simon Broenner, im having the same problem, can you help me?
        My email is and the msn is

  10. Patrick Says:

    As others said the new font sometimes just show squares, especially at the end of a line when a text which is too long is shortened with … After the dots the square appears. The problem appears e.g. in the app drawer of Launcher Pro.

  11. Santiago Says:

    The vibrate option on android keyboard dont work properly when the GOT theme is enable.

    • groupoften1 Says:

      I tend to disagree. That has nothing to do with the G.O.T Theme, but maybe the ported DroidX keyboard if you chose to use it.

  12. […] il nandroid backup qui: AndroidLab_SHOLS_U2_02.38 Per installarlo usate comodamente OpenRecovery // AKPC_IDS += "2470,";Popularity: 3% […]

  13. Micha Says:

    Hi guys,

    i got a question about the GOT recovery …

    If i start G.O.T. recovery and connect my milestone through USB, calling adb shell, i can access the /sdcard path but there are no files, although there are some!

    Did you mount it somewhere else?

  14. I think App2SD on V1.03 has problem, when I install it and reboot, on my screen always show Moto Logo. Please fix it.

  15. hunterx Says:

    Thank GOT team for the 1.0.3 release.
    However, I encountered same problems with the others here : Font with square problem in App drawer. It’s also happened in Dolphin Browser (website description & contents)

  16. Darren Says:

    Isn’t this similiar to open recovery? How does it change the system fonts and so on?

  17. Darren Says:

    To use the G.O.T. OpenRecovery i’ll have to rename it to as well?

  18. Darren Says:

    anaged to run the G.O.T. openrecovery however when i apply the G.O.T. theme my phone wont boot, it gets stuck and the reflective android words

  19. Gorane Says:

    Hi, for the Apps2sd, do i need to apply all the mod in order for it to work ? I have done the partition and install Apps2sd and the boothack. Did not install the last 2 mods. Do i need to install them as well ?

    • Apps2SD is a hit-and-miss with some phones. Most of us do not use it, so I am afraid you need to check with the known sources of Apps2SD.

  20. Paul Says:


    Is there any chance of a release for the Milestone from Personal Argentina? Would be happy to donate if there was.

    Best Regards

  21. 4iedemon Says:

    The GOT THeme shows square characters when used on my Milestone RTINT. However, the square characters only appears on apps with long names displayed in the app tray.

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