SHOLS_U2_02.38.0 for SPAIN and ITALY released

G.O.T has now released the version SHOLS_U2_02.38.0 for ITALY and SPAIN.

ITALY Service SBF SHOLS_U2_02_38.0

SPAIN Service SBF SHOLS_U2_02_38.0:

As stated previously, we were unable to find any obvious differences to the SHOLS_U2_02.36.0 version. It appears this FW may include modifications to the locale that we cannot test as we are not represented in these countries and therefore cannot check these in full.

Contains the vulnerable recovery. No other amendments have been made.

32 Responses to “SHOLS_U2_02.38.0 for SPAIN and ITALY released”

  1. Ciso Says:

    Only a simple question:
    if I install your recovery and this ROM will I be able to activate A2SD via recovery?
    Thank you

  2. Yet still waiting for telus SBF… 😉 How long for it to be released?

  3. Ciso Says:

    I tried this SBF and seems quite everything ok but protected apps are not shown in the market.
    How to solve this? Thank you

  4. try to customize build.prop..

  5. for the italian one i mean

  6. Hi there. Our Android community said a lot of good words about your work. But I have a question/problem. I have a Milestone from Germany (Vodaphone), couple of time flashed and tuned (app2sd, root, busybox and so on). I’ve tried to install your version and stuck on bootloop. OK, i’m a smart guy and made a nandroid backup from G.O.T. OR. So I’ve wipe data from phone and phone boots. I’ve checked firmware and hopefully see SBF SHOLS_U2_02_38.0. Then I’ve made a nandroid restore and got back all my stuff. But! When I’ve check firmware I see my old SHOLS_U2_02.34.0 one. Now I don’t understand what firmware I have? Your’s 38 or old 34? And should I not made a full backup but only /data?

    Tnx in advance and sorry for bad English

    • Soul_Est Says:

      @George from Russia

      You would still have the 34 firmware as that is what you restored from your nandroid backup. A backup of the data partition (in addition to the full backup) should suffice next time you try flashing the 38 firmware.

  7. gemini002 Says:

    waiting for telus too

  8. EliteR Says:

    no english language?

    • English included. If you wipe your phone then on 1st screen you’ll have a button to change locale. If you don’t wipe your phone then you need to go into settimgs and switch language. Problem that ui after flashing is on italian or spanish

      • Ande Says:

        I installed it, without wipe (I though I can always do that later if it didn’t work without), over SHOLS_U2_02_31 UK versions, worked without a hitch, the only difference from a real UK update was that I had to go into settings, language and set the locale back to UK. All other settings and data seems to be properly preserved. But I did make a nandroid backup first, took a while to figure out that you have to go directly into recovery when RSDlite reboots the phone after you flashed the vulnerable recovery, because if you let SHOLS_U2_02_31 UK boot, if will restore it with the non-vulnerable version…

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  10. Aboo Says:

    Any news if updated Russian firmware is coming in near future?

  11. leeks Says:

    Is it practically possible to “shoehorn” the final release of 2.2 into one of these .sbf files? Would be interesting to try it isn’t it!

  12. Wilfredo Perdomo Says:

    My operator update to 2.1 and is signed w shla_u2_03.05.0 is newer or better then this one? is from Movilnet latin america and is compatable for sure w telus one. Regards

  13. […] […]

  14. Hello are you still working on the 2.38 French version?
    I am waiting for it because of those annoying bugs from 2.31.

  15. Hey,

    Same question that jkm, i’m very interested by a 2.38 French version.

  16. Flipim Says:

    Hi all.. Im new in this site…

    Im still trying to understand what is that?.. Im spanish but im following and argentina forum because there isnt anything in spanish forums..

    What its that release? What its for? I alwas want to update my phone but i still dont understand some thing about android..

    So..if somebody help me it would be great. Thanks all

  17. federico Says:

    i am behind a proxy and for me it is not possible to download from rapidshare ,mobileupload,etc.

    how can i do ?

    second question:

    if i downdload the 2.38 firmware i must do also the other settings (recovery,,etc)

  18. Utsav Says:

    Hi, I wonder if there is an Australian version of the firmware for Optus. My milestone is locked to Optus and i would not like to lose the optus apps and all. Plz help it there is any.

    Firmware version: 2.1-update1
    Baseband version: 3gsmepu91a_u_91.07.55i
    Baseband: UCASHLSMR2EMEAB1B805C.0R
    Kernel version: 2.6.29-omap1 wxnk36@ca25rhe53#1
    Build number: SHOLS_U2_02.34.3

  19. Davide Says:

    Hey, I have tryed also this SBH, but even if it seems to be flashed correctly, every time that I’m trying to get into recovery mode through the camera button, I always got this screen error:

    90, 73

    Battery OK
    OK to program
    Connect USB
    Data Cable

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