SHOLS_U2_02.38.0 for french AZERTY phones and Telus Update coming soon…

13 Responses to “SHOLS_U2_02.38.0 for french AZERTY phones and Telus Update coming soon…”

  1. rpgman Says:

    Cheer 🙂 take your time and thanks for the 2.36 with your theme witch is already wonderful ^^ i already forgot motorola 2.1 ,)

    • thanks, and given you are from france, you will be delighted to learn today will see the day of the AZERTY french release 🙂

  2. What about FW 2.38 with Russian language? Will it soon?

  3. Charles in Vancouver Says:

    Looking forward to the Telus update! But in the mean time, the Thai release has worked better for me than any other firmware version.

  4. veovis Says:

    How the hell do you get those firmwares ?

  5. the thai rom, randomly reboots my phone on heavy use of gtalk or music… i already disabled the theme, launcher and release some memory yet the issue persist.
    Milestone American Version

  6. jamallj Says:

    any news on asian milestone?.. SEA..

  7. snoopnoggynog Says:

    thx for this rom
    I finally got a v2.1 stable (azerty)Milestone !

    thx again!!

  8. soifran Says:

    hey there !
    what a huge job

    a couple of reboots later, my cellphone seems to work pretty properly

    thanx a lot for all this

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