Update for FRANCE and TELUS released

As previously announced, G.O.T has now released the firmware versions for

FRANCE – SHOLS_U2_02.38.0


TELUS – SHOLS_U2_03.11.0

As always, we injected the vulnerable recovery already.  However, please note that we provide the firware “as is” and have not performed extensive testing of these 2 FW update.

We have, however, performed tests of flashing the SW, go through an initial bootup sequence and checked that the FW allows to jump into the recovery console and apply the modified update.zip.



38 Responses to “Update for FRANCE and TELUS released”

  1. […] funcionarnos de una. Link descarga Telus Mas actualizaciones cuando haya mas info. Fuente: Blog de Got leido via Grupo Android G.O.T. Thai 2.36 – G.O.T. OpenRecovery V1.03 – Desire F.E. 2.0 + LauncherPro by Santiemanuel […]

  2. are these like the 2.36 ? or do they have anything new ? (im using 2.36 thai)

  3. Chlewior Says:

    Hey, is it true that TELUS will not work properly on European GSM transmitters? There are roumors that when leaving UMTS area and switching into GSM there is no connection – could be possibel because of the difference in frequencies used in Canada and EU…

    I am from EU and wanted to install the TEUS relese, but need to now if my phone will work properly 🙂

    Thanks for your fabulous work!

    • Why you, being in the EU, want to install a FW that is customised for Canada and a different UMTS baseband is beyond me. There are about 10 FW versions for countries in Europe, and you pick the ONLY ONE (apart from THAILAND) that is NOT compatible with EURO zone.

    • qwerasdf Says:

      Well the Telus one should work on 2100 no? The phone itself is capable of UMTS 2100. If you look at the FCC filing it states 850/1900/2100. EurAsia 3G bands are covered. Dunno what the software allows though….

    • tony Says:

      The telus version does have 2100 , i can confirm because i see wind mobile’s network which uses aws/2100 aka 1700/2100. i just cannot join it because wind mobile’s downlink or uplink (i forget) is on 1700 which no milestone has

  4. Has anyone had success flashing TELUS – SHOLS_U2_03.11.0?

    This may be an issue with my setup, but just wanted to know if anyone else has had success with this.


  5. jeff Says:

    FRANCE – SHOLS_U2_02.38.0 seem to work fine!
    Thank you for good job.


  6. pyee Says:

    I’ve flashed the Telus build, and installed all the toys that came with G.O.T’s recovery(@900mhz). What I found was that Apps2sd will not allow the phone to boot (did not format, though), and the phone reboots itself periodically. I’m going to try removing G.O.T. mods until it becomes more stable. Not sure how many people have tried this build, so hopefully I’m the only one.

    • as I stated many times over and over again, Apps2SD is a tricky one, sometimes works and sometimes not (as it really is a hack). We included apps2sd for the ENTHUSIAST users (cracks, experts, professionals) who can figure it out and want to use it

      For anyone else, I would not recommend it in principle.

      • pyee Says:

        What I meant to say was remove the mods one by one until I was able to get the phone stable 😉

        Anyhow, the reboots appear to occur only when the Facebook app is used, but only on occasion.

        Aside from that, it’s running pretty solid @ 900mhz!

      • Fyras Says:

        Hey guys, I’m having some difficulty with your recovery.

        Applied updated and it worked fine, But when I went into the MOD section the following happened.

        Root worked.
        Overclock sends phone into bootloop *understood its for adv users*
        Adding your theme sends the phone into a cycle at the “android” screen.

        Not sure if you can help me with any of this, but if you can please email me.


  7. Chlewior Says:

    I ve flashed it too, works fine… app2sd did not work for me before either so i did not even try this time. Otherwise all seems to be working okey, i will add OC today and other mods to see how it runs.

    As for my previous post, the EU GSM freq work fine, seems that it was only a roumor

  8. shibbee Says:

    Would I need to wipe before doing an update like this?
    I remember when I went from stock to thai firmware I was unable to flash it until after I did a wipe.

    Having to set everything up again and losing sms mesg’s get annoying.

    Thanks for the hard work!

  9. Had to do a data wipe before I was able to get this to boot up on my Telus Milestone. Works great now. If you need to restore everything, i recommend MyBackup Pro it works VERY well.

  10. rpgman Says:

    Thanks again for your work from France 🙂

    I activate a lot except for app2sd. I’ll use in two days overclock again. The phone is now as i expect it to be 😉 nice and functionnal.

    Cheer and enjoy this hot summer 🙂

  11. notanewbie Says:

    please on next version of open recovery add jit

    Thanks for your hard work!!!!

    ps: on telus 3.11 the overclock at 1000 work great!!! on the thai version work only at 900

  12. tony Says:

    I dont seem to see the same changes that are in the release notes for Telus 3.11 =(

    Also, for themes that work with 2.36 work with telus 3.11?

  13. […] (needed for their OpenRecovery) has been inserted into the ROM.  I installed G.O.T.’s latest TELUS compatible firmware earlier today and it works splendidly.  The only real problem is that I have no access to certain […]

  14. foreman Says:

    I flashed the firmware for France and works fine in Australia.
    It seems to have improved battery life a lot, best firmware I have tried

  15. flipim Says:

    That TELUS its compatible with spain?

  16. gemini002 Says:

    ok flashed this update then wipe factory reset
    applied app2sd from my post over at xda good so far
    i have full nano back up and data nano backup
    installed data nano back up all apps are there data etc
    no got mods work for me just go into bootloop

    i have noticed my system is much faster even without overclock applied but ofcourse its on now haha

  17. Any chance of a release of the Brazilian Retail firmware? I need it for the locale settings and proper identification of area code when dialing numbers (ie. other firmwares can’t identify incoming long distance calls as they think its a different number whos calling).

  18. Hi,

    I just flashed the France 02.38.0 firmware and noticed that some applications were missing from the market (even some I previously bought).

    Do you know how to solve this ?

  19. wperdomos Says:

    Try Telus is compatable w venezuela and i was using brazillian one

  20. Charles in Vancouver Says:

    I finally got home and installed the Telus update. Works great; I rooted it with Skrilax OpenRecovery. I noticed protected market apps vanished again, so I replaced build.prop with a backup of what I had on stock Telus and the apps came back.

    • hi charles,

      good to hear, although I am not sure why you would use the original OR (not that it is bad or anything) instead of ours 🙂

  21. tony Says:

    are these firmware versions compatible with the mods supplied in the recovery? does got theme work?

  22. changelog ??

  23. que tal amigos anterior mente actualize mi Celular con el SBF 2.1 de tailandia pero no me funciona el 3G soy de Mexico y pues original mente mi cel traia el de sbf de canada baje este archivo de canada para rootear y aplicar el OPen Recovery pero no me inicia el equipo se queda con la M en la pantalla y de hay ya no pasa nada. Alguien Puede ayudadrme.????
    dejo mi correo
    igual ese ocupo para mensajero.

    • Raymundo Says:

      Que tal luisO, a mi me paso algo similar cuando intente instalar una aplicacion que se llama app2Card, se quedaba en al M y de ahi no pasaba. Lo que hice fue flashear mi milestone con la vercion de telus italia, (ITALY Service SBF SHOLS_U2_02_38.0 http://www.multiupload.com/7WCJWVV35C), Escogi esa version por que originalmente mi telefono traia una version europea. Y con eso solucione el problema, eso si, no instalesl el tema de GOT por queno funciona bien, truena cuando conectas el cel a la compu.

  24. this is

    H U G E

    you deserve a lot
    thanx, thanx, & thanx again

  25. dromedarius Says:

    Hey gus, please review this bug report about Telus 3.11


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