The hunt for Froyo begins


Due to the vacation period and the fact that we have now completed the rollout of the 2.1 releases, things got quiet around here we will start to hunt for Froyo once our team is complete again.

As you may know,  there is a limited group of enthusiasts already working on the 2.2 port at the moment. You can find them at the usual forums.

We are watching their work closely. We have contacted some of them and will see how we can cooperate in the future.

We will also start to work on an update to the G.O.R OpenRecovery and are collecting the feature improvements at the moment. But it will be a couple of weeks until we will be back with some progress.

25 Responses to “The hunt for Froyo begins”

  1. excellent! ive tried the dexter version, and really miss the camera working and the apps 2 sd card too. other then that its basically the kernel we need! then eveything will be possible.

    lets just hope for a leak of 2.2 instead. that way everything will be so much easier! 🙂

    keep up the work guys

    • groupoften1 Says:

      We believe that dext3r has done an intial good step, but his adaptation, especially in v0.2a, is – how can we say that – more of a hit-and-miss.
      Unless he fixes the multiple issues this version brings (some of which have degraded performance and caused more problems than his earlier versions), it is a less than ideal modification. There are simply too many issues that remain to be fixed for his modification to be called “stable baseline”.

      Most modders and hackers now use etc to track and resolve bugs and issues.

      We have no idea whether he has an overview anymore of these bugs, who works on and tests these bugs and whether he uses a feature verification process or similar (like CM uses and that we now also use) before he issues any release .

      We no longer use or track his modification for these above reasons.

      • foreman Says:

        He has the camera almost working now. He has asked for help but you, the GOT team are not.
        Shame on you.
        I have version 3 running and 1.c before that, I need my phone for work and other important calls.
        His MotoFrenzy works well, I don`t have the problems the “experts” on have had but to be fair they did help him with deodexing and zipaligning, Thyrus especially.
        Only Dexter dared to try 2.2 without waiting for a cracked bootloader or a leak from Motorola.
        He is a Milestone hero and needs your support, please help him

      • groupoften1 Says:

        We live in a Democracy, so you are obviously entitled to your view. But dext3r has not asked us for help. He knows how to get in touch with us if he sees the need.

  2. mastermind Says:

    Nice to year such news.
    I’m using booth your firmware and your Open Recovery,and I’m sure you’ll bring froyo to us.
    Thanks and keep working !

  3. I know this isn’t the best place to ask, but if i’ve got trouble with installing apps2sd via the modding menu, where could i get support for it?

    Also, you guys are awesome.

  4. James Says:

    Good to hear and thanks for the work you are putting in. Motorola might abandon the milestone but hopefully the community won’t!

  5. leeks Says:

    Good to hear that guys. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Heard news of Froyo being release for Droid next week. Just wondering how that would affect the milestones. I know they are different (up to a certain extent), but maybe those froyo droid release might be helpful if Motorola decides to abandon us. = (

  6. skay Says:

    Excellent news !!

    Thanks for your excellent work

  7. JonKho Says:

    good news guys!! thanks for the effort!!!!!!!

  8. […] das G.O.T.-Team, dass das Bugfix-Update geleakt und Wochen vor dem offiziellen Release veröffentlicht hatte, will […]

  9. bollocks Says:

    @foreman – dude, that is megaselfish of you, G.O.T. have done us a favor at lease 10 times, and they act as they like. Dexter is on a spree, and he is sorting his own stuff out, making progress every day, who are you to cry he even needs any help or be bothered?

    @g.o.t. – you guys rule, I am sure you will find way to contribute when the time is right for you, thannks for everything so far and keep up!

  10. foreman Says:

    Settle bollocks, G.O.T already replied

  11. Let everyboby do what he thinks best, and the users will deside…
    I think all developers make their best to have a good result and they share their work with us for FREE.
    That’s Open Source Community, so i follow every developer’s work and choose what it best for me….
    The good thing for sure is that many developers are involved with our Milestone, even if Motorola ignores them by not giving them an unlocked bootloader….
    So in point point of view, the more involved the better, for us, the Milestone users…..

  12. Connor Says:

    Please make my phone stop crashing with the new update lol

  13. Nothing but praise for the G.O.T. team. I’m running OR 1.04a with the TELUS – SHOLS_U2_03.11.0 update oc’d to 1000mhz. Works like a charm. Thank you for everything that you do.

  14. Hello G.O.T. team!

    Firstly, thank you very much for your work.
    I was wondering if the the Froyo release for Droid X might be of help to your efforts. Droid X has the same locked bootloader, thus I was hoping…


  15. Ignacio Says:

    Hi people, I want to thank you for all that you do for us. I have install the Open Recovery 1.04 more than a month ago.
    I am waiting impatiently for a new version with Froyo 2.2 inserted on it, please tell me. How long have we will need to be waiting for a new release?

    Thank you again and I wish the best of the lucky.


  16. Federico Says:

    Hi all, haven’t heard of you guys for a while, what are you up to this days?
    I’d love to see a froyo version from GOT 😉

    Keep up the good work!

  17. are you guys still operating?

  18. Matt Says:

    Seems like there is Group of Zero….

    • groupoften1 Says:

      not really. But since there is no movement yet on the froyo builds from Motorola, there is hardly anything we can report here…

  19. Luca Says:

    hey guys, what about new version of recovery by you. The easiest way to mod our moto. Love the theme, and everything. Could you apply new JIT into new version of OR, because the old beta version works but no overall improvement besides Linpack, and some minor side effects of that version. So that improvement would be appreciated 🙂

    keep up the good work guys.

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