We are hunting – but there is nothing to date


We are as frustrated as you are with the slow, sluggish and somewhat boring development on the Froyo-for-Milestone front by Motorola.

We have checked with our sources again this morning and there is nothing being developed at the moment. Motorola seems to focus the attention at the moment on its new devices. Given the fact that officially the 2.2 update was promised for “some countries for the end of the year”, whilst this is not the speediest adaptation ever witnessed, it is not surprising that with 4 months to go, nothing is happening.

So we will keep hunting – and will let you know once there is something to report on.

21 Responses to “We are hunting – but there is nothing to date”

  1. we knows a MotoFrenzy?

    Froyo adapted to Milestone


  2. misko903 Says:

    do you mean hunting as hunting for new official SW, or trying to break the kernel?

    • Are you guys planning on shaving the Milestone 2.2 stock rom down to be lighter and faster like TelusStone 2.1 roms? the new v3 2.1 works amazingly well with your recovery..i’ve got apps2sd symlink working great on ext3 partition with a swap, i don’t have any info on how your apps2sd works or any of your other mods, maybe you can put out a small information txt about each one..i would like to know more about the a2sd other then i have it working… i know its working as i am only using 6mb of internal memory but can i make it ext4? Is the swap even being used? Whats the differance in the 4 a2sd options? Does the memhack work with a2sd? What are the pros and cons of your jit, Are you gonna add a fix apk mismatch option to the recovery? A fix permissions?, a move apps dalvik to sd? And possibly a bootstrap like koush made for the x and d2 since he abandoned the milestone that also needs one..thanks for the great recovery makes my milestone better then my brothers droid with a custom rom lol

    • hunting for Motorola Versions (alpha and betas). We will not attempt to hack or break the kernel, that is what and-developers focuses on. And honestly we do not think it can be done.

  3. michael Says:

    be patient young padawan

  4. Ande Says:

    Actually, according to http://and-developers.com/sbf:milestone there is a version SHOLS_U2_02.38.1 for SPAIN. Or is that just a typo? (That version is also listed for FRANNCE, but SPAIN is the only QWERY-keyboard version with SHOLS_U2_02.38.1)

    • at the time of “our” release of the various 2.36 and 2.38 FW files, Motorola was still in the inevitable “testing” phase with their own testers and providers. It may well be that these have found a bug or issue that was fixed in that release. However, so far we havent heard about significant enough issues that were corrected for us to upload the newer versions to be honest. And if one needs it, they can simply flash the official SW and then use the vulnerable recovery afterwards and will get the newest SW.

      • Ande Says:

        I tried that with the UK 2.31 version, but when the phone booted normally, the vulnerable recovery was obviously overwritten with the newer unvulnerable recovery, which is a bit annoying as you have to reflash the vulnerable recovery every time you use update.zip, like for nandroid or so. So just flashing the vulnerable recovery didin’t yield the same result, what’s the trick to not getting it overwritten?

  5. Chris Z Says:

    Damn. It’s a shame none of those “sources” will accidentally leak the Milestone bootloader encryption key….

    • well, even if that was so, there is no way anybody would risk their jobs and their families future just for a phone. Lets keep things in perspective.

  6. Reality is….
    Motorola conned us with the Milestone.
    My next device will have an unlocked booloader.
    That is all.

  7. kurosawa79 Says:

    As much as I have enjoyed my milestone, like many it will be my first and last motorola. I hope one day all handset manufacturers wake up to the fact that they have no idea how to make a decent UI and quit skinning their phones for differentiation sake. I will tell all those around me to never but a motorola again. I hope they go back to their previous near bankruptcy state.

  8. TheSSJ Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is neglecting the milestone now? It works well, it has almost no bugs and if there would be any, Motorola would propagate a fix. I don’t understand why so much people want always everything and now?! Be happy with your smartphones and just wait –
    The fact that the bootloader is locked is not the end of the world, guys!

    If you buy phones only for the sake of rooting, modding and theming it, then you didn’t understand quite correctly why smartphones exist. Sure its nice to have more power over a smartphone, but (I repeat myself) it’s not the end of the humanity! Just use your phones as they were meant to be.

  9. TimeTurn Says:

    CyanogenMod is out for the Milestone, so no need to hurry 🙂 It’s still early Alpha state but looks nice so far.

    Details here: http://android.doshaska.net/node/17

    Some testers are reporting that a Milestone with 2.2 was hand out to them:


  10. driden91 Says:


    the theme is not compatible with cyanogen rom 2.2 😦

    i like your notification bar in black !!

  11. Gustavo Says:

    Check ths, cyanogen mod 2.2 for Milestone 😀


  12. vagelisda Says:

    Hey guys,why are you not considering an update of got recovery?
    So that the issues with jit compiler and cyanogens 2.2 rom could be solved…i love got recovery,but its just a liiittle outdated…
    Thanks for all the great work got team…you rock!

  13. maykel Says:

    Hello guys!
    First of all good job!
    Yours Open Recorvery works more than great.
    I have two questions: I have app2sd symlink edition using your script, but it moved all my apps to ext2 and now when I install smth it’s still taking mem of phone.
    Secondly is there any chances to make GOT open recorvery could nandroid +ext backup?

  14. niedi Says:

    this is on facebook

    Motorola Europe Hello.

    Just to notify European Milestone owners that the FroYo update is planned
    for roll out at the end of this year. As we get closer to the time we will
    provide further details on countries and specific timings. In the meantime we
    …also wanted to clarify that apps to SD card and USB tethering are planned as
    part of this release.

    Mehr anzeigen
    Dienstag um 15:04 · Kommentieren · Gefällt mir

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