Progress on the 2.2.1 test of froyo

As stated below, we have now had the software for a couple of days to test and verify. What we have completed is:

a) root was obtained
b) Overclocking was obtained by the mighty nadlabak
c) We could complete 3 days of daily usage testing

What we, GOT and the other developers are struggling with is the following:

– The values we are getting after OC with the new 2.6.32 Kernel from Motorola are, whilst not bad, not overly impressive for the “new” kernel we all have been waiting for
– The performance of the stock ROM by Motorola is, to say the least, not good enough for daily use and fails our testing continuously. We have failures in Wireless LAN, applications not opening (launcher loses focus), minor lags in apps and launcher, AGPS not working and other issues (such as WHY would Motorola still insist of loading all this “crapware” like the interim voice dialer hogging the entire memory, the old & outdated launcher 1 on a 2.2 built when much better alternatives exist such as Google Voice&Search and the standard 2.2 launchers from Google?)
– As such, we believe that the best way forward is for the developers to use the kernel and integrate it into their custom builds. Even if a performance boost is not obtained this way, the ROM developers can access the proprietary features of the ROM itself, which means a CM6 or other mod integrating this kernel is a much more stable approach than releasing the Motorola stock ROM as it is.

Whilst we encourage the developers we are cooperating with to continue down this road, we will seek an updated/new/better froyo beta from our sources. Since Motorola confirmed on facebook that the user trials start next week, we hope to obtain newer and updated versions of the froyo beta’s as Motorola prepares for the user trials. We will keep you posted.

6 Responses to “Progress on the 2.2.1 test of froyo”

  1. aumkar22 Says:

    Well, as for the performance aspect, that was available on the 2.1 kernel with the inclusion of Google’s JIT implementation on the kernel. What was missing from the ROMs was kernel specific features like camera focus on motofrenzy and some stuff that required porting like, the ext2 modules.

    Anyhow, I’ll be keeping an eye on nadablak CM6 port so I’m pretty sure he’ll integrate this very soon.

  2. The google voice dialer from does only recognize english!
    For me as a german its good news to have a (at least) *working* voice dialer at all!

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  4. el_Charlie Says:

    I’ve been always a fan of stock roms because I wanted everything as new but I think I’ll stay with CM6 because it works very well right now even if it doesn’t have the “new” kernel yet.

    Nadlabak is doing a great job right now. The only complaint is the 3G radio but that’s not his fault. Is the drivers that are from 2.1 and aren’t open source so he can’t see clearly what’s going on.

    About the Launcher, I don’t care, I use LauncherPro anyways.


  5. duban Says:

    when we are going to test this? when you are going to release the rom?

  6. freyr Says:

    Why is it still not working? I mean there is a Droid Froyo for some time now, is it SO hard for the Motorola to make a GSM version??

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