New OR in the works and new communication approach

Whilst our cooperation with nadlabak and others is progressing very well (we had a little breakthrough yesterday), we are reworking our G.O.T OpenRecovery.

Since some of you have expressed their unhappiness with us “teasing you”, let us comment on this from our side:

1.  It was our attempt to keep you posted and informed about what we do and where we are. We will, under no circumstance, release any of our work before it meets our own minimum quality criteria. In the event that a release fails to meet these quality requirements, we will simply go back to the drawing board and continue to improve it if we can. Some of the bugs encountered in firmware releases are bugs that, without access to the kernel, we are unable to fix. In such an event we need to continue to wait for an improved kernel update.
2. We believe and try to continue to believe it is the right approach to communicate to you on a regular basis to keep you posted rather than simply posting releases.
3. As such, we are still hanging on to our approach, but with the following amendments:
     – We will no longer issue any indication of timelines. Questions such as “why is it taking so long” or “when?” will be simply ignored and no longer be commented on.
     – We will no longer be able to keep you informed in detail but will just post and issue simple and general status messages. 
     – If we encounter bugs we can fix, we will fix such issues prior to releasing. If we encouter bugs we are not able to fix and that we classify within our group as severe, we will not issue the release.

It is somewhat disappointing to have to do down this route but apparently we cannot please the community as a whole and therefore are trying to find some middle ground.

Having said that, expect good things to come in the near future 🙂

31 Responses to “New OR in the works and new communication approach”

  1. Bazuzu Says:

    Go for it, guys!

  2. W000T W00T, I cant wait to get my hands on it :)..

    Thanks Guys..

  3. Moep Says:

    Thanks for the update guys!

  4. nooneimportant Says:

    The only thing that don’t suit me in your decision is that there are other dev’s smart enough to work with this kernel and you ignore them.

  5. Lalit Says:

    thanks for clearing the air….the reason for the discontentment is becoz we milestone users hear the same thing from moto abt the releases.

    one more question is why dexter is not onboard for the rom mod….more the merrier right?…he is among the big milestone modders in the community along with nadlabak, feeyo and GOT

  6. grojas Says:


    Don’t worry about mother f#$%cker comments!!. Your reputation precedes because your dedication, effort and “quality time” dedicated to work. There will always be “inglorious bastards” (sorry, but i like that movie :-)) will not apreciate that effort and dedication. That is the price of success…

    Keep your excellent work!!, keep your excellent effort!!.

    Keep walking!!!


  7. androidfan Says:

    these guys are acting a lot like motorola

    what happened to OPEN communit?

  8. afriendlyuser Says:

    what do you mean? the community is open and they are working with the developers so i dont get it

  9. Not really. And not all dev’s anyhow..

  10. payce Says:

    You know what you guys REALLY do need? Some big “Thumbs up” button on the frontpage everybody can press on.

    -> Impressed by your work & effort! (^^)

  11. professorV Says:

    would you please tell us if photo quality has improved in 2.2 in comparison with camera quality in 2.1?

  12. your parent Says:

    Hahahha you really teasing us (at least me)
    Please2 release it….. with cm6 😉

  13. asolram Says:

    Definetively guys, what all of you do deserve are big BIG CONGRATS! All of you do an awesome and great quality work and IT’s YOUR DECISION to release or not your mods, I totally support you! And do not worry for people that just don’t understand that you do this because you like it 😉

  14. nooneimportant Says:

    Most of people understand this but I’m annoyed that developers who did several rom ports and have knowlege to fix bugs in this kernel can’t get it…
    So at least give it to the developers like Dexter or Freeyo!

  15. I am not sure your recent decision is any middle ground at all.

    You are basically saying:

    “We are not changing anything, simply telling you less…”

    This is, of course, your right as you seem to be the only ones with a leaked Mot Froyo… but please don’t try and spin this as being a good thing.

    You are chosing not to release something based on how well it works.
    This is NOT what the community is about. You are NOT Motorola or some other commercial outfit.

    The scene is supposed to be about sharing. For all you know, somebody else can make the kernel or ROM work better than you can. You are hogging what you found.

    Again, this is your right.

    But I thing that the following approach would work better.
    ->Release EARLY, release OFTEN.

  16. Anthonws Says:

    I do not agree with the term Community if things are done behind “curtains”… Yes, you inform, you even told the world that a beta version was on your hands!

    Many dev’s placed their work ahead of time just to request for help, for bug test and opinion of the masses.

    Don’t take this type of comments the wrong way. They are made with the intention to help everyone.

    Be a community, don’t be a private group.

    At least, invite some more dev’s to help you.


  17. iseedeadpeople Says:

    I dont really know what you guys are saying. they say they work with nadlabak and others, who knows who they cooperate with, maybe they already work with these developers?

  18. Well I did not receive anything. I could get a Froyo up and running with their OR | 2.6.32 kernel in 30 mins..

  19. asdf Says:

    somehow i doubt that is the real freeyo

  20. lol believe it or not. Its me 🙂

    • Fernando Says:

      In that case dude – not cool. You’re not making yourself respectable by gloating about your skills (however good they may actually be), and that only gives GOT one more reason to not include you in their pool of developers. I really hope you’re fake.

      I’m not siding with GOT’s attitude of working behind closed doors, mind you, but if you put your ego in the middle of it all, you’re not being any different from them.

  21. iseedeadpeople Says:

    did it not even occur to you that they may not be releasing to the PUBLIC yet to protect their sources at the moment? as much as we all would like to have the software, it is not worth someone having to deal with the consequences in my view for a phone software.

    as to the comment of feeyo – nice and interesting approach to get something from a group that puts emphasis on them being a team. Not sure this lone wolf attitude is helping at the moment.

  22. jimknopf Says:

    Thats not the real Feeyo. Feeyo just wrote in his forum “Ah nice someone is faking my name on GOT lol. Pathetic.”
    But he would help you with the 2.2 rom, and he is a realy good dev.

  23. iseedeadpeople Says:

    I would not be so sure. Comments such as the “Well I did not receive anything. I could get a Froyo up and running with their OR | 2.6.32 kernel in 30 mins..” are not uncommon for this guy. We can ask GOT to do an IP check on the comment, then we know for sure.

  24. jimknopf Says:

    have a look at his forum

    he said thats someone is faking his name. he is a good dev, and he now that, bud he would never say stuff like that

  25. iseedeadpeople Says:


    same thread

    “I am tired of being finger pointed every time when I out perform other devs”
    “And I am tired of that whole XDA Childish behavior.”
    “… I will release my kernel sources later when I feel like it”

    sure fits this posting.

    But hey, doesnt really matter anyway. So lets end this 🙂

  26. jimknopf Says:

    And just after
    “Changed first post out of respect. I am a hot headed guy. Need to learn to stop acting when over heated.”

    But yea, toesnt matter :-). But i would like if G.O.T. would give him the kernel, his ROM works realy grate, and he is new on the Milestone

  27. Feeyo Says:

    Those comments were not made by me. At least the comments on this blog I mean. Let GOT do its work in peace. Nadlabak and GOT take your time guys. Better release something good then something crappy because everyone demands it asap.

  28. 1. I know nothing.
    2. Despite 1., I’m glad to help when I’m asked for.
    3. In a few days, none of this will matter anymore.

    Let’s relax 🙂 :

    • groupoften1 Says:

      That has got to be one of the strangest comments we ever have seen 🙂
      Strange, but funny. nadlabak, whatever you are consuming, let us have some of it :):)

    • asolram Says:

      well said 🙂

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