New G.O.T OpenRecovery V1.10 launched

We know you are eager to have something to play with, so here you go, at least we want to ease the pain and give you an early version of the new OpenRecovery we are working on for the next firmware – V1.10

We are very happy and grateful for the contributions from the following developers:
– Skrilax_CZ
– nadlabak
– tiagosousa
– credits for the JiT Beta,
– -FuFu-
– DAGr8
– credits to all others who would like to remain anonymous

Changes in this Version:
Our new Open Recovery mod is based on the Open Recovery v1.42 and includes features such as Apps2SD, Theme install, build.prop changes and some other enhancements. Please note –  you use all features on your own risk, take a nandroid backup before applying any changes.

New features in this version are:
– density setting
– remove stock apps
– remove pico langs
– DNS Fix (thanks nadlabak)
– build.prop changes
– Theme install (thanks -FuFu-) and also a bootanimation install
– overclock for firmware 2.0, 2.0.1 and 2.1 (if you are not sure if your firmware is supported, please check the adress of the modules in the script to verify that the the adresses are set correctly)
– recovery launcher (you now able to load other Open Recovery’s in our recovery mod, seperate readme provided) by DAGr8
– First attempt at G.O.T bootanimation (install via Theme/bootanimation option)

All features have a restore/remove funktion. On first launch the script will take a full backup of /system/app, also backup your framework-res.apk, services.jar from the /framework folder, build.prop and all the stock fonts.

Remove Stock applications (in remove menu)
The remove stock app feature is based on the remove.cfg in /OpenRecovery/GOT, you need to edit the file (when you are running Windows do not use notepad or windows editor to edit the file, use notepad++ for example)
You can chose the apps you want to remove, a description is provided in the header of the file. If an app is missing, just add a line withe the name of the .apk file of the app
App names with a “#” won’t be deleted by the script, only apps without the “#” will be deleted

Theme install and bootanimation install
Themes must be copied to /OpenRecovery/addons/Themes or Bootanimation folder (see readme in folder) credits to -FuFU-

Recovery Launcher
Recovery launcher is a very fresh new addition – thanks to DAGr8
You are able to switch between Open Recovery Versions/Mods easily with the Recovery Launcher (see readme for details)

Before you use apps2sd script, please take a complete nandroid backup and also backup all data from your sdcard.

2.2.1 enhancements:
You may note some settings already for 2.2.1, these are preliminary settings at the moment to prepare for the next version of the OR (due soon with entirely new Theme)

18 Responses to “New G.O.T OpenRecovery V1.10 launched”

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  2. you are amazing =P

    thanks for the new version!

    i’am waiting Froyo! 😉

  3. gonzo Says:

    You mention Open Recovery 1.42; however when I check the official Open Recovery thread at ModMyMobile, the latest version is still 1.37.
    Is OR 1.42 about to be released? Or did you use a different OR (not by Skrilax_CZ)?

  4. hey, here is a translation in Spanish in my personal blog:

    Update: G.O.T OpenRecovery v1.10

  5. grojas Says:

    Congratulations gentlemen!!!, you’re AMAZING!!

    Thank for your time, effort and dedication!!. Keep walking!!


  6. payce Says:

    THNX a lot on that!

    Some questions arise:

    – build.prop changes: This likely means you deactivate some of the properties, right? Do you also change default.prop? Perhaps this entry might be of interest (nadlabak probably knows that already):
    (Sorry, it’s german only 😛 😉 )

    – Did you include something like “”? Like proposed here:
    This did make my milestone little bit more fluid indeed.

    Please just understand that fyi. That is NOT a feature request or similar. Just for the amazingly impropable improbability you did not know some of that stuff. (^_^)


  7. resofokles Says:

    curious about the new theme =)
    keep it up guys =)

    one question, y u not using the stock apps remove option given in FUFU’s OR (OR 2nd Edition) he has a way to remove stock apps without the need of the remove.cfg

    and perhaps he would share this with u.

  8. kittydroid06 Says:

    great job guys! keep up the good work!
    cheers from philippines 🙂

  9. Aboo Says:

    AFAIK, OpenRecovery 1.42 you used as a base, is considered unstable by Skrilax_CZ. He has released OpenRecovery 1.43, which contains important bugfixes in Nandroid module. Will you update GOT OR to latest version?

    • groupoften1 Says:

      Thanks for the help – but just so that you guys are aware, when we say we work with the developers, we work with them 🙂 means one of the reasons V1.43 is now up was bugreports from us regarding restore when on 2.2.1 based kernels, among other things. So you can rest assured we dont simply “borrow” or steal their work, but we work “hand-in-hand” to make everything possible for the upcoming launch of 2.2.1 from us and nadlabak

  10. Po0yAn Says:

    Thanks for the new release and new features.
    but i have one problem with recovery launcher:
    when i try to use androidiani openrecovery through recovery loader , it again load the got recovery , only with white screen, why is that? i pasted the OpenRecovery folder for androidiani in my sdcard like this: OpenRecovery/recoveries/Androidiani/OpenRecovery
    have i did wrtong anywhere?

  11. Brendan Says:

    Wifi is not working for me on my Telus Milestone. It tries to connect then stops and sets my router as disabled. Otherwise AMAZING rom if you can fix this please let me know

  12. ElMagoDeOZ Says:

    Hi guys! first congratulation for your work is the Best! I already have froyo in my Milestone. I am helping a friend with the flashing and everything but i’m having problem with the OR, when the milestone boot and i trying to go to the OR menu 2.2.1 this frozen in Kill Process and nothing happen. Sorry for my english i’m using google translate. If somebody can help me, i will be very gratefull.

  13. The sbf and mods work just great, its so nice to see all the new features of froyo. I do have one issue which is related to the release. When i try to download apps from the android apps store, the apps seem to time out. Meaning i click to download and install and nothig will install and the download bar just stays grey. After about 1 min the download will quit. Have any of you experienced this issue with your current realeae.

    I would really appreciate some feedback on this bug, or any information on anyone else who has expreienced this.

    Keep up the good work

  14. CoteJer Says:

    Awesome sbf and mods finally got froyo on my telus milestone. Everything works great it is amazing. One problem though, is that I can’t connect to Wi-Fi. Is there a fix for that?

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