G.O.T 2.2.1 released

G.O.T is proud to finally be in a position to present to you the 2.2.1 firmware files you have all been waiting for.

We have also finished our work on our OpenRecovery modification for this and previous builds.

Lets start with the Credits:

– The entire G.O.T theme for sticking with me during the past week and the numerous IMs/calls/chats we have had to get this done in time. I, personally, feel honored to work with you guys!!
– The great nadlabak and skrilax_CZ. None of this would have been possible without your continuous dedication and support. Nadlabak, go-go-go with your CM6 🙂  We are sure once you launch your new edition of CM6, our firmware will no longer be needed by the users!!! 
– DAGr8 and -fufu-. Your ideas and cooperation with us (especially our coders/scripters) took our OR to a whole new level. As such, the incremental jump to V2 of the OR is all due to you guys.
– he_stheone64 for agreeing to “licence” his Theme “SummerBlues” to us as the new and improved G.O.T theme. Thank you so much.
– All the other help we had from the people that worked with us day and night and who would like to remain “silent” contributors. You know we owe you a lot!!!

Here is what you need to know:

a) Contrary to previous releases, we would strongly recommend you to use our GOT OR V2.0. 
One of the first things you should do is use the “Fix 2.2.1 bugs” selection in the new OR 2.2.1 menu after you flash the sbf file. 
This tweak will fix some of the issues with the generic sbf build such as dual USB notifications, replacing some stock Motorola applications such as the old launcher/mediagallery  and adding the Wireless Tethering application.
DO NOT USE after installing the G.O.T. theme, as the services.jar is different between both versions. If you did it anyhow, simply install the G.O.T theme again.
b) The sbf firmware files are all modified by us including the vulnerable recovery, so you can flash and root straight away (same as with our previous releases)
c) If you flash the firmware, you might encounter a reboot after the first boot. This is normal and expected behavior, so do not be alarmed
d) We can only provide you with full sbf releases at this moment. We strongly recommend not to use any backup from 2.1 related kernels as you are bound to get into trouble. The best approach is to install the apps you need from the market, set up your accounts and customize your device by hand. This is the only way you can guarantee that any issues encountered are not due to an incompatible  data/settings backup.
e) Performing and restoring nandroid backup from 2.1based kernels will result in a bootloop unless you use our G.O.T V2.0 OpenRecovery (or any other ORs that have been updated to V1.44 of skrilax_CZ base). The simple reason is that we have worked together with Skrilax_CZ as we, and him, encountered issues when trying to restore 2.1 based nandroid images on top of the flashed 2.2.1 firmware. We are very happy our cooperation with him was as good as it was, and as such be in a position to already have solved this issue at launch.
f) We are extremely proud to give to you the new G.O.T Theme for 2.2.1. Some of you may see the familiarities to the SummerBluesTheme of he_stheone64. There is a reason for it – we are proud to be able to announce that he_stheone64 has worked with us, and agreed, that his SummerBluesTheme is now the new G.O.T theme.
g) NOTE: On some devices, we have encountered that rooting directly after flashing without rebooting after the initial flash can bring some issues with RootExplorer not asking for root permissions. To be safe, reboot after flash so that the “welcome to milestone” menu comes up, set up the device in general, then reboot to recovery and root the device as well as apply our 2.2.1 tweaks with Launcher, Services.jar fix and Wireless Tethering app.

Testing experience from our team regarding features and functionalities:

– AGPS works reliably, no trouble found
– Bluetooth works reliably, no trouble found
– WLAN works as before, no trouble found
– GPRS/HSDPA data works fine, no trouble found
– Framelimit of 30fps lifted
– Kernel 2.6.32 includes and supports the generic 2.2 features known
– Tethering app (3G Hotspot) included, but did not work for us (network provider needs to support this feature failures). We don’t know whether this is possible with your operator, but we have included the wireless tethering app in the Stock 2.2.1 tweaks
– Market needs fixing to show protected apps, bug solved by using the G.O.T fingerprint of build.prop and market fix (provided in 2.2.1 menu)
– Overclocking works fine with the modified overclock2.2.apk written (2.2.1 overclock menu will install it)


G.O.T OpenRecovery V2.0









These are all the firmware files we can provide at the moment. If we locate further sbfs, we will let you know. RTEU should work with most countries that have the European UMTS frequencies.

Thanks for all your feedback so far. 2 prominent bugs we would like to comment on:
1. Missing Android ID: We had noticed that too. So far it seems that the Android ID, which is normally generated by the ROM as a combination of your Phone ID and your Google Log-In account, is not generated by the firmware. We are not sure why, but believe that this may either simply be an “oops” by Motorola or, more probable, be intentional for this beta FW. We might try setting up a dummy ANDROID ID in the settings.db to see whether this could work as an interim fix.
2. Wireless Tethering app: Our fault it seems that slipped by in testing. You need to install the application, simply pushing to /system like we did does not work. FIX: Delete the apk (android.tether.apk) in /system/app and re-download and install from Market (Wireless Tethering for Root users).

We have seen user comments below that I think you guys should try regarding the Missing Android ID:
You can simply add the Android ID using an SQLITE Editor extension from Root Explorer: (SQLite Editor in market)

1. Open RootExplorer
2. Navigate to /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases/settings.db
3. Add an entry insert into secure (‘android_id’,’16-digits-hex-number’) using the SQLite Editor ->New Record->name=android_id -> value= 16digit hex code;
4. You can either use a dummy 16-digit hex number, or what we would recommend, revert to a previous Nandroid from your phone, use root explorer(only view SQLITE db) the same way, and take a note of your AndroidID. Then simply add/enter this 16-digit number to your phone in 2.2.1 as per steps 1,2 and 3
Thanks to Ed Castro and others for pointing this out.

UPDATE3: he_stehone has provided a final fix for the Facebook issue:

Final Fix for Facebook

Basic idea came from el_charlie (thx for that) – he realized 1.2 works, then we investigated more:

    * Copy Facebook 1.2  on your SD
    * Install with any file explorer
      * Choose your desired contact sync
      * Run first sync
      * Uninstall FB 1.2 – now you`re all set
Issue was that only the first initialization does not work with Facebook 1.32 on this froyo version, once the sync is there 1.32 syncs fine.

Download FB 1.2

429 Responses to “G.O.T 2.2.1 released”

  1. […] The G.O.T. Tudo começa aqui. A primeira coisa que se precisa fazer é instalar a versão, digamos, “pura” da ROM Froyo “vazada” de alguma forma… Você pode parar por aqui ou então continuar e escolher uma dentre as próximas ROMs “tunadas”. Para funcionar no Brasil utilize a versão “Telus Canada” que usa as mesmas frequências de 2G e 3G utilizadas aqui. […]

    • Alex Says:

      Meu amigo teria como vc passar para mim essa ROM ou de preferencia essa ROM GOT_TELUS_2_2_1FULL.sbf

  2. Yash Says:

    Any updates or bug fixes since the original release? My phone crashes many apps a lot now!

    • Noel Says:

      Hey Yash,

      Did you mod your Indian Milestone? Let me know if you did and which firmware you used.


      • Yash Says:

        No according to the firmware or sbf file mine is an italian milestone i actually bought it in USA. I dont think there is anything such as an indian milestone u will come to know the country by checking the firmware configuration version. google it.

    • amit Says:

      hey yash am amit

      am using motorola milestone 2.1

      i dnt no how the root , what is the recovery, etc.

      plz tel me how to imstall froyo 2.2 in motorola

      plz give me detail step by step

    • Everyone, I think you guys should look here for detailed advice : http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=670 I think the first post may have instructions. I am not responsible if anything happens to your phone.

      Just a tip, make sure you nandroid backup before installing any custom roms, e.g cm6 or Motosense.

  3. Diego Says:


    I bought an Millestone on Amazon last august and want to update the phone to Froyo. However I’m not sure which firmware works with my phon (when I conect the phone to the PC I can see the phone listed as Motorola A853)

    Please help me on this.


  4. Yossarian Says:

    Does this preserve or clobber Motonav?

  5. Alex Says:

    Hey guys, probably this issue has already been brought into your attention but I’ll still give it a go. I have a Milestone brought from Orange Romania, it came with stock 2.1 and I have upgraded it to 2.2.1, the phone is also rooted from the g.o.t. recovery console.
    The issue that I’m having is with wi-fi. Initially I have been able to connect to a wi-fi router and maintain a connection (even though the connection dropped 3 or 4 times in one hour but that seemed to be a general issue with that connection) and now I am unable to maintain a wi-fi connection for more than 5 seconds.
    Also I want to mention that I have tried unsuccessfully to connect to a wi-fi hot spot created from my laptop using either connectify or virtual router. I have tried both with password enabled and disabled connections, no difference. The connection types are by default wpa2. To be sure that the connections are valid, I have been able to connect a Sony Ericsson P1 to the hot spot without any problems. Also I tried to use the dnsfix.sh script but was unsuccessful.
    Please contact me at alexandru.radiodj@gmail.com with suggestions.

  6. Frederick Richard Says:

    I have trouble with facebook sync.
    When I try to uninstall facebook 1.32 it says that it’s been unsuccessful.
    Can you help me out?

    Thanks fred

  7. Diego, are you using 2100 Mhz band on 3g ? If so then Retail European will most sure work.
    If you are using some other band then you might want to download a sbf from a country that uses the same bands as your phone.

    Mine is Milestone from Vodaphone Germany, and works great with RTEU

  8. Simon Bond Says:

    Hey, I really need the stock Eclair UK firmware, can anyone provide it? If you can please email me at scbond@badger.eu.


  9. Nick Simpson Says:

    Now that the final android 2.2 update has been released by Motorola do you still recommend sticking with the G.O.T. ROM?

  10. hello,
    i am really desperate and need your help to change imei number of xt702 which is not recognised in india please tell me a way to chane the imei number which starts with 862020……. and is not recognised as valid in india and hence no service,or any other way to get a valid indian imei ,am eagerly waiting for your response thanks

  11. Truman Kemp Says:

    OK my A854 milestone is stock firmware and it is rooted! What I am wanting to do is update to the froyo 2.2! My status is now 2.1/update1 same as was when I purchased 2 milestones bout a week before xmas last year 2010! The salesperson informed me that the 2.2 update was to be released anyday now well that was over 4 months ago now and NO FROYO 2.2 yet so needless to say my next smartphone purchase will most likely not be a Motorola but all I want now is the 2.2 update safely installed on my phone!

  12. Lukas Says:

    Hello everyone,

    is there anyone with working tun.ko module for kernel I am unable to load module.
    Please help if you have any idea or send me a working module.

    BR, Lukas

  13. Johnny Says:

    Don’t know why, only installed 10~20 apps but when switching to the home page sometime take over 10~15 seconds to have the icons come out.

  14. […] Gruppe aus Programmierern, Designern, Moddern usw. namens G.O.T. haben eine ROM aus dem neusten Android 2.2.1 Kernel und der offiziellen Testversion von Froyo für […]

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  16. […] Even though the installation instructions are not that easy, in the end it will worth it. You can find all the steps and instructions you need to install and much more on G.O.T blog.  […]

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  20. mauricio aguaida Says:

    The firmware G.O.T is NOT HERE in multiupload!!! Reupload all please!!!

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  22. anonymous Says:

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  23. hey,broken link,can anyone help to upload on mediafire or similar?

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  29. Bauer24 Says:

    All the links are broken, can you please upload in another host?

  30. Simply wish to say your article is as amazing. The clearness in your post is just nice and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the enjoyable work.

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