G.O.T 2.2.1 released

G.O.T is proud to finally be in a position to present to you the 2.2.1 firmware files you have all been waiting for.

We have also finished our work on our OpenRecovery modification for this and previous builds.

Lets start with the Credits:

– The entire G.O.T theme for sticking with me during the past week and the numerous IMs/calls/chats we have had to get this done in time. I, personally, feel honored to work with you guys!!
– The great nadlabak and skrilax_CZ. None of this would have been possible without your continuous dedication and support. Nadlabak, go-go-go with your CM6 🙂  We are sure once you launch your new edition of CM6, our firmware will no longer be needed by the users!!! 
– DAGr8 and -fufu-. Your ideas and cooperation with us (especially our coders/scripters) took our OR to a whole new level. As such, the incremental jump to V2 of the OR is all due to you guys.
– he_stheone64 for agreeing to “licence” his Theme “SummerBlues” to us as the new and improved G.O.T theme. Thank you so much.
– All the other help we had from the people that worked with us day and night and who would like to remain “silent” contributors. You know we owe you a lot!!!

Here is what you need to know:

a) Contrary to previous releases, we would strongly recommend you to use our GOT OR V2.0. 
One of the first things you should do is use the “Fix 2.2.1 bugs” selection in the new OR 2.2.1 menu after you flash the sbf file. 
This tweak will fix some of the issues with the generic sbf build such as dual USB notifications, replacing some stock Motorola applications such as the old launcher/mediagallery  and adding the Wireless Tethering application.
DO NOT USE after installing the G.O.T. theme, as the services.jar is different between both versions. If you did it anyhow, simply install the G.O.T theme again.
b) The sbf firmware files are all modified by us including the vulnerable recovery, so you can flash and root straight away (same as with our previous releases)
c) If you flash the firmware, you might encounter a reboot after the first boot. This is normal and expected behavior, so do not be alarmed
d) We can only provide you with full sbf releases at this moment. We strongly recommend not to use any backup from 2.1 related kernels as you are bound to get into trouble. The best approach is to install the apps you need from the market, set up your accounts and customize your device by hand. This is the only way you can guarantee that any issues encountered are not due to an incompatible  data/settings backup.
e) Performing and restoring nandroid backup from 2.1based kernels will result in a bootloop unless you use our G.O.T V2.0 OpenRecovery (or any other ORs that have been updated to V1.44 of skrilax_CZ base). The simple reason is that we have worked together with Skrilax_CZ as we, and him, encountered issues when trying to restore 2.1 based nandroid images on top of the flashed 2.2.1 firmware. We are very happy our cooperation with him was as good as it was, and as such be in a position to already have solved this issue at launch.
f) We are extremely proud to give to you the new G.O.T Theme for 2.2.1. Some of you may see the familiarities to the SummerBluesTheme of he_stheone64. There is a reason for it – we are proud to be able to announce that he_stheone64 has worked with us, and agreed, that his SummerBluesTheme is now the new G.O.T theme.
g) NOTE: On some devices, we have encountered that rooting directly after flashing without rebooting after the initial flash can bring some issues with RootExplorer not asking for root permissions. To be safe, reboot after flash so that the “welcome to milestone” menu comes up, set up the device in general, then reboot to recovery and root the device as well as apply our 2.2.1 tweaks with Launcher, Services.jar fix and Wireless Tethering app.

Testing experience from our team regarding features and functionalities:

– AGPS works reliably, no trouble found
– Bluetooth works reliably, no trouble found
– WLAN works as before, no trouble found
– GPRS/HSDPA data works fine, no trouble found
– Framelimit of 30fps lifted
– Kernel 2.6.32 includes and supports the generic 2.2 features known
– Tethering app (3G Hotspot) included, but did not work for us (network provider needs to support this feature failures). We don’t know whether this is possible with your operator, but we have included the wireless tethering app in the Stock 2.2.1 tweaks
– Market needs fixing to show protected apps, bug solved by using the G.O.T fingerprint of build.prop and market fix (provided in 2.2.1 menu)
– Overclocking works fine with the modified overclock2.2.apk written (2.2.1 overclock menu will install it)


G.O.T OpenRecovery V2.0









These are all the firmware files we can provide at the moment. If we locate further sbfs, we will let you know. RTEU should work with most countries that have the European UMTS frequencies.

Thanks for all your feedback so far. 2 prominent bugs we would like to comment on:
1. Missing Android ID: We had noticed that too. So far it seems that the Android ID, which is normally generated by the ROM as a combination of your Phone ID and your Google Log-In account, is not generated by the firmware. We are not sure why, but believe that this may either simply be an “oops” by Motorola or, more probable, be intentional for this beta FW. We might try setting up a dummy ANDROID ID in the settings.db to see whether this could work as an interim fix.
2. Wireless Tethering app: Our fault it seems that slipped by in testing. You need to install the application, simply pushing to /system like we did does not work. FIX: Delete the apk (android.tether.apk) in /system/app and re-download and install from Market (Wireless Tethering for Root users).

We have seen user comments below that I think you guys should try regarding the Missing Android ID:
You can simply add the Android ID using an SQLITE Editor extension from Root Explorer: (SQLite Editor in market)

1. Open RootExplorer
2. Navigate to /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases/settings.db
3. Add an entry insert into secure (‘android_id’,’16-digits-hex-number’) using the SQLite Editor ->New Record->name=android_id -> value= 16digit hex code;
4. You can either use a dummy 16-digit hex number, or what we would recommend, revert to a previous Nandroid from your phone, use root explorer(only view SQLITE db) the same way, and take a note of your AndroidID. Then simply add/enter this 16-digit number to your phone in 2.2.1 as per steps 1,2 and 3
Thanks to Ed Castro and others for pointing this out.

UPDATE3: he_stehone has provided a final fix for the Facebook issue:

Final Fix for Facebook

Basic idea came from el_charlie (thx for that) – he realized 1.2 works, then we investigated more:

    * Copy Facebook 1.2  on your SD
    * Install with any file explorer
      * Choose your desired contact sync
      * Run first sync
      * Uninstall FB 1.2 – now you`re all set
Issue was that only the first initialization does not work with Facebook 1.32 on this froyo version, once the sync is there 1.32 syncs fine.

Download FB 1.2

429 Responses to “G.O.T 2.2.1 released”

  1. Sariel Says:

    What version should I use for unlocked milestone for t-mobile US?

  2. roman Says:

    any time i use voice commands or the camera in video recording mode
    i get a static noise from the speaker when the phone sleeps

    any one knows how to fix this one ?

    • p008 Says:

      Did you mean Moto voice command? I cannot use it, it open, show “please wait” screen and then close immediately.
      From your issue, I think the work around maybe kill these 2 process before you lock down phone, hope it will help you.

      • roman Says:

        thanks very much for the reply
        i tried it and it didnt work work
        the only solution for now, to stop the sound
        that i found
        was to genereate a sound like the volume up or any other button that generates sound, after that i can lock the phone
        i saw a few people mantioning this issue in the comments but no fixes.
        i tried to reflush the sbf didnt help…

        no one else has this issue ?

    • santiago Says:

      i got the same problem.

  3. jorge mario Says:

    Hello, what version should I use for Guatemala?

  4. direk Says:

    Hi GOT!

    I’ve found another issue. I have no idea that this is my phone problem (hardware) or software. Very often, when phone is connected to charger touch screen is getting mad – impossible to click what you want, but after plug off everything works smooth. Anybody else noticed that problem?

  5. Dtan Says:

    Hi GOT!
    Could you please help me find the 2.2 FW for my MS XT720 ?
    Thank you so much if you can help!!!

  6. Eliran Says:

    this version works great, thx! one problem that I have I can’t send/recieve MMS, help someone…

  7. Great job people.

    just wondering, I’m in Jordan – Middle East; what version to use?


  8. MrassoL Says:

    Hello ! I have 2 questions :

    1/ How to disable clock dock ( I’ve search but it only works for 2.1 )
    2/ What are the best settings for OC ?

    thanks a lot for your works

  9. Flareblitz007 Says:

    i got a way to fix the tether app… i found this by accident and i dont know if it is in this site/blog…

    What I did was:(because I couldn’t uninstall it – it said it was read only)
    I used “root manager” then i went to /system/app and tap install to android.tether.apk

    plz tell me if it worked for you
    🙂 thank you

  10. […] G.O.T 團隊搶先發佈的最新 Milestone Android 2.2.1 ROM,核心版本為,是採用原生 Android 2.2 核心而建,並非先前 CyanogenMod […]

  11. Why do the article reminds me of another similar the one that I just read elsewhere?

  12. santiago Says:

    I’ve found another issue. I have no idea that this is my phone problem (hardware) or software. Very often, when phone is connected to charger touch screen is getting mad – impossible to click what you want, but after plug off everything works smooth. Anybody else noticed that problem?

    it is the charger.
    same problem.

  13. santiago Says:

    for teathering… in APN rename default to default,dun and is ready to go.

    para que funcione el teathering.. en APN renombrar default a default,dun

    si estan usando apndroid habiliten primero internet

  14. Flareblitz007 Says:

    i have a problem when i exit an app all the apps and widgets disappear and my phone freezes for awile before they appear again

    plz help

    • William Says:

      Yes, I’ve been wondering about that too… I was wondering if it had anything to do with having apps on the SD card. Does anyone know?

    • I’ve had this problem in 2.1 as well using adw launcher. I always blamed it on adw, but it was really in the google launcher that the problem was originated.

      It doesn’t happen all of the time for me… Can you guys reproduce it all of the time ?

  15. […] non pas en version 2.2, mais en version 2.2.1 ! Le billet en question est accessible ici : https://groupoften.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/g-o-t-2-2-1-released/, on y trouve le SBF (l'image modifiée) pour la version 2.2.1 pour le Motorola Milestone TELUS […]

  16. tehoaislimau Says:

    Are the 2.2.1 Firmware release a GOT modified ones, or are these directly from leaked Motorola versions?

  17. Hi,

    I have an issue with this rom. Some apps are continiously killed (like meridian music player) even if there is an active notification of it in the notification bar. The only way to prevent an app from been killed is to keep it in foreground.

    I already tried to modify the internal taskkiller parameters according to this page (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=622666)

    i tried:
    echo “512,512,512,512,512” > /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/minfree
    Which tell the internal taskkiller to not kill anything unless the is 2 Mo free or less. But it didn’t changed anything (except that my phone became laggy => Reboot to reset default settings)

    Did anyones already notice this issue? Any ideas to solve it?


    • I forgot some details:

      – No i don’t have installed any taskkiller on my phone 🙂
      – I use the FRANCE RETAIL Firmware

  18. virgil Says:


    some indicator light issues somebody some sugesitions

  19. Jabberwauki Says:

    My USB charging stopped working. Does anyone else have the same issue / fix?


  20. discomm Says:

    Sending (simp/traditional)chinese text sms (from china mobile) to china-telecom (ex: +86-189xxxxxxxx) don’t works,
    message sent with no error on my phone.
    But receiver gets no message.

    But english message works fine at the same time/setting.
    changing /system/default.prop
    sms.convert.char.for.latam=0 //was 1
    dosn’t help.

  21. a_n_d Says:

    well done G.O.T. – perfect work, your FW is awesome!
    @ FB – after updating to the currenty ver 1.4.0 the contact sync is not working anymore – guess this should be fixed as well.
    even if I follow up on your suggestion (ver 1.2 etc.) – after updating to 1.4 the sync entry is still available but no response after key action.

    cheers 🙂

    • n06r41n Says:

      I’m having the same issue. Any confirmation that the FB workaround works?

      great release btw, keep up!

  22. […] you can work out.  There’s video (in Korean) of it in action after the break.  [G.O.T.] Thanks for the tip, Sean!Posted originally at Android CentralSponsored by Android Cases and […]

  23. Maurice Says:

    I am a newbie
    i have rooted my milestone from Telus but everytime i try to apply the update.zip it does not want to work, what can the reason be that it refuses

    Would really appreciate the help.

  24. ALL78 Says:

    does anybody try in LA milestone? with Personal or Movistar carriers?
    I would like to make sure to no screw up my 3g apn.

    Thanks ALL.

    • Javier Says:

      I have succesfully installed in my Personal Milestone!!! Now I have Flash Support. The only problem I have notices is that Froyo consumes more battery than Eclair. I have overcome this issue by reducing the overclocking frequency from 800 to 700MHz. Nevertheless I still find it less responsive than Eclair with 800 MHz clocking. Anyway, I prefer to keep Flash support and apps on SD card and I give a charge to the phone at the middle of afternoon.
      Good luck

    • Javier Says:

      Sorry, another comment. You need to install Telus version and for the APN issue, check on Google for Milestone APN and check the instructions on “Tenes un Milestone? ROM Android Froyo 2.2.1 G.O.T”. Here are the steps
      1 – En la carpeta OpenRecovery/updates pegan ésto: APN (APN.zip). Esto es la configuración de los APN así no tienen que ponerlo manualmente (es alta fiaca).
      2 – Van a Menú/Ajustes/Conexiones Inalambricas y Redes/Redes móviles/APN ahí aprietan la tecla “menu” (esa de las 4 rayas) y ponen “restaurar APN default” listo…ya se deberían haber cagado todos los settings.

  25. It won’t screw ur 3g, mate. As long as it is a european network, there should be no problems.anyways u’d better go get cyanogenmod 6 which is far newer and better. cheers

    • Maurice Says:

      Please help me out, i am a noob
      I have installed the GOT version 2.2.1 and have been reading up on the CM6 and if i understood correctly they have gotten all the functions of froyo working, how would i go about switching?

      BTW i am on a telus version of the milestone.

  26. Deether Says:

    I’m also having trouble with the GPS. Both in Maps and in GPS Status app, I can’t get a location. I’m on Telus (ca). Anyone else have this problem? Anyone fix it? I’ve tried letting it search for a long time, and I’ve tried reseting cached gps data, and downloading new data using GPS Status app.

    Thanks in advance

  27. deva Says:

    i did what it said and my facebook account still isnt working as you cant install it on sd card

  28. James Says:

    Did any got a same problem as me?

    Sometime the touchscreen just doesn’t work from the wake-up. I need to press sleep button and wake up again, after few time it just work.

    Facebook and Twitter can’t be update too.

  29. I accidentally lost the browser. Can anyone send me the browser.apk file?

  30. bejoy Says:

    guys ..i really appreciate t hard work and skill that mustve gone into this update.
    some issues ive had wit my milestone
    after every call my touchscreen becomes non responsive for about 30 seconds
    overclockin didnt help
    another thing..found battery life has decresed drastically..especially on 3g
    any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  31. Javier Says:

    Just some important comment. As I mentioned some posts ago, I have succesfully installed the Telus version in my Milestone, which except for some annoying battery drain (and the facebook issue) works perfectly well.
    Now, here comes the point, apparently JIT IS NOT ENABLED BY DEFAULT so I had to manually edit the /system/build.prop file in order to enable the JIT Compiler. In order to do this you need to add the following line at the bottom of the file:
    I also increased the Dalvik VM Size to 32M, also in build.prop, as suggested in Cyanogen website.
    I just booted the phone and it’s at least 50% faster. I strongly suggest to go this way, unless some of the GOT team could let us know whether the JIT compiler was enabled by other mean.

    • Daniel Says:

      how did you enable the jit and increased the dalvik

      • konti Says:

        Easiest is use the app root explorer. This way you can change it in the phone. Else you have to google for adb.

    • konti Says:

      Just want to say that after enabling jithis iPhone feels fast again. Almost as fast as it was with overclocked 2.1.

  32. Daniel Says:

    how did you enable the jit and change the dalvik

    • Daniel Says:

      thanks alot ill try and look around for adb

    • Javier Says:

      Sorry for the delay, I don’t look the blog too often. In order to enable Dalvik and change the VM Heap size you need to do the following (I assume you have a rooted device):
      1st- Using Root Explorer go to /system and mount it as R/W
      2nd- Open the “build.prop” file with the Root Explorer built-in text editor
      3rd- Add the following line at the bottom of the file
      (If later you want to disable JIT mode, you just need to edit this line to
      dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:fast )
      4th- Look for the following line somwhere in the middle of build.prop
      dalvik.vm.heapsize=24m and replace the value 24m by 32m. The line then should look as follows:
      5th- Press the menu key and select “save and exit”. Your file will be saved and a backup copy will be automatically created.
      6th- Reboot phone. You’ll notice the speed from the Android logo appearance, and the boot-up time will be lower.
      Good luck!!!

  33. Param Says:

    Need help…..
    my multitouch keyboard vibration is not working
    what should i do or upload a rom with same milestone 2.1 android keyboard… not want to install 3rd party keyboard consumes battery…

    also need to know that

    which rom has better battery backup official 2.1 or G.O.T milestone…. and what is the difference between these roms battery Backups

    i need same or more battery backup as milestone 2.1 rom…. currently not satisfied with battery backup of GOT 2.2.1 plz help…

    or upload a rom which has better battery backup from current 2.2.1 G.O.T rom and vibration in multitouch keyboard ….. or just update this G.O.T rom… 1 step further …..

    • Javier Says:

      Hi again. For the battery issue I found some tricks in many blogs which I would like to share. I feel the battery life improved, but mainly for the standby state of the telephone. This means that if you’re a heavy user of the telephone, probably your battery will not last more than 2 hours.
      1st- Change the overclocking speed to 700MHz and VSEL to 64 (This are the safe settings from Milestone Overclock project site. Reducing VSEL will increase your battery life, but could make your telephone more unstable. It’s better to reduce the Frequency and keep the VSEL within safe levels to if possible.
      2nd- Disable Facebook App, by setting automatic updates to “never”. The app will still update the news whenever you load it explicitly
      3rd- This is extremely important. DISABLE Facebook App notifications. Apparently there is some bug that, even when you disabled the updates to never, the facebook app will still run in background.
      4th- In general, set all the applications to disable the automatic updates. This includes Tweeter, K9 Mail (this one still runs anyway)
      5th- Uninstall any task management or killer app. Froyo doesn’t need task killers and they are useless, because they don’t kill anything in froyo. Uninstalling them will, at least, prevent the waste of energy trying to kill applications that later will start-up back by theirselves.
      6th- Disable the Haptic feedback. The vibration is produced by a small electric engine which consumes battery. I suggest to disable vibration for anything except (maybe) the ringing.
      7th- The KEY is to use Set-CPU. I’m using SetCPU 2.0.4, which allows much powerful options than the previous ones. Upgrade to this version immediately.
      I have created the following profiles (from higher to lower priority):
      – Screen off: Min Freq=125MHz, Max Freq=250MHz, Governor: Ondemand, Priority 100.
      – Battery Lower than 30%: Min Freq=125MHz, Max Freq=250MHz, Governor: Ondemand, Priority 84
      – Battery Lower than 60%: Min Freq=125MHz, Max Freq=500MHz, Governor: Interactive, Priority 84
      – Charging/Full: Min Freq=125MHz, Max Freq=700MHz, Governor: Interactive, Priority 50
      With these settings, the telephone will have good response while battery is higher than 30%, but when screen is off will enter a low consumption state. Battery lower than 30% will mean your telephone is usable, but forget about fancy animations.
      Good luck and send some feedback!!!

  34. Daniel Says:

    after enabling jit and changing dalvik to 32 …alot more smoother

  35. Sorry, im very new on 2.2, i come from Cliq/2.1. Where is the 2.2.1 menu? I couldnt find it.

  36. […] FIRMWARE FILES dan G.O.T OpenRecovery V2.0 download di sini.  Untuk firmware download yang punya UK RETAIL […]

  37. Mason Says:

    Please help i couldnt wait for the 2.2 update in new zealand for the milestone and downloaded one of your firmwares installed it and it worked but i cant conect to my mobile phone provider its telecom any ideas please as i cant uninstall it back to 2.1 thanks in advance.

  38. Hasyim Says:

    I have problem connection Cisco IPSec VPN, there are no suitable tun.ko module for froyo 2.2.1, could you please provide tun.ko for froyo or dowload link if available.

  39. Toni Says:

    I am having Troubles with the voice actions. The App loads “Please Wait” apears on the screen and then the app closes – without any message. Has anyone else experienced this problem? or has a solution? I am using the DACH – Germany Version.

  40. Freddy Says:

    Hi, very good and clear tutorial. I am in Bogota-Colombia (south America) and I’d like to know what firmware i should to download, we don’t have Telus (Canada), we have a different company. I wonder if is wrong to install a firmware from another country or company. Many thanks

  41. Oliver Says:

    Question concerning that Facebook workaround:
    If I unsintall version 1.2, the sync settings are erased as well. I can not update that version to yeterdays realease 1.5.
    Any hint how to proceed?



  42. Does this update fix this inability of 2.2 two focusing the camera. Hance rendering it useless.


  43. Crash Says:

    Hello, i just use this update and i have some problems:
    1. This rom is very slow
    2. My phone don’t see my router so i don’t have my wireless connection@home

  44. Ender Says:

    I’m using the RTEU version of this on T-Mobile and can only send and receive degraded pix. Through research i have found that this is because T-Mobile USA does not recognize my phone’s user agent. i have tried modded mms apks but they’re 2.1.1 and they force close when i try to enter a contact in the recipient field. how can you make this work on this rom?


    i’m sure this would improve this rom for everyone

  45. Brad Peng Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the great update of new Froyo. I have been battling with my keyboard light not working since the 2.1 update and Motorola simply can not assist me… PERIOD!

    I am from South Africa and I have downloaded the OR-GOTmod_v2.00 and GOT_RTEU_2_2_1FULL from your site and I read it through briefly. the question is, 1) will the Europe version of 2.2 work and 2) how can I install the ROM onto Milestone? I am quite a newbie and I sincerely hope you can spare sometime for me and assist.

    Once again, thanks for the hard work and I look forward to have it working on my phone soon.


  46. Giri Manzini Says:

    I have installed this successfully on my milestone! I’m using the RTEU version and so far everything is working perfectly, including the WiFi Tethering. My milestone is the Asia-Pacific version. i’m using it in Jakarta, Indonesia.
    One thing that i’m still wondering, how can i make the home screen to rotate automatically? i tried installing LauncerPro, and it can make the home screen rotate automatically when i tilt the phone. is there a way to make the stock Launcher do the same?

  47. GOT Team thanks .. I have tried and very perfect run on my Motorola Milestone ..

    I want to ask? when the team issued for Gingerbread?

  48. aye05 Says:

    thank you 😀
    i’m from indonesia.
    success installed froyo in milestone

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