Bugfixes in 2.2.1 – update for OR in the works

We are working on an updated OR to fix the following issues (so that most bugs can be fixed directly via OR or Update)

1. Correct our mistake with the Wireless Tether app (we will take it out), then simply download from market as app needs to be installed.
2. Include some reworked script based on Ed Castros input, but we will allow you to enter your own ID as an option via the OR
3. Reworked OR scripts to fix some OR issues you seem to encounter ( update all recoveries to 1.44, only old nandroid stays on 1.14)
4. Facebook workaround when it is finally resolved (see below)

 The new OR will also bring some enhancements thats to skrilax_CZ and our scripters are working on at the moment and we are in alpha-testing
– Toggle USB in OR so that you can access your SDCARD from you computer in the OR via USB cable (card shows up as USB storage)
– Metamorph from OR, still experimental, but may be useful for themers

Work in progress
The facebook app not synching remains problematic at the moment. It appears the install V1.2 and then 1.32 workaround still does not work as expected. One of the reasons why this does not work as it should is that the app itself (facebook.apk) is not at all included in the ROM and therefore is not properly installed and supported when flashing the ROM. We will keep working on this issue.

PS: Thanks for working with us to fix some of the remaining issues. Any help you guys can give is greatly appreciated as we can only cover so much with the resources at hand.

107 Responses to “Bugfixes in 2.2.1 – update for OR in the works”

  1. I’ve experienced battery drain as well. But reinstalling without google backup/restore helped. Thus, when first configuring the phone, you’re asked if you want to store bookmarks and some applications’ settings on google site, REFUSE it.

  2. Oscar Garcia Says:

    I only want to ask if you know about the spanish bug with voice commands and if you are going to fix it. In spanish voice commands don’t work. If i set the phone language in english it works perfectly, but in spanish when you launch the app shows “espere” wich means wait. After some seconds it should say “diga un comando” (say a command in english or something like that) but the app close. It’s not a force close with an error message, is like if you touch the back arrow. I hope you can look at this.

  3. Is anyone having trouble with no notification LEDs working once flashed to 2.2.1?

    They work while the Open Recovery thing is doing its job, but when the phone is actually running no LEDs light up – not even with 3rd party programs like Blink, Trillian, various notifier apps, etc.

  4. Not to worry, a hard reset fixed it. Looks like it may have been a rogue app and/or stale configuration data from an older rom or something.

  5. azlon Says:

    I followed the instructions and was able to run the OpenRecovery. Now when my phone boots it just flashes the ANDROID logo. 1 second on, 1 second off… on and off…

    I went back into the recovery menu and did a factory reset but it still does it. I also removed the battery and powered it back on several times, same thing. Is there anything I can do to recover from this?

  6. manfreed Says:


    There is a bug I found as I installed the 2.2.1 german unlocked rom. The button on my headset (witch i got with the phone) is not working anymore. It should play/pause the current playlist, however it does nothing now. Are you aware of this? Is there a fix?

  7. Harvey Says:

    How come I can’t increase the number of home panels?
    Always stuck at 5.

    • Sheperd Says:

      I am also having the same issue, it is happening with the 2.2.1 launcher (home) app. Not sure there is a fix.

      In the meantime, I guess a home replacement app like LauncherPro. would be a work around.

  8. Hey, what about Android 2.3 Gingerbread?

  9. mousiope Says:

    hi ! tks for all your work !
    just a couple of questions !
    don´t u guys have access to the latest sbf images that are supposed to be in test by carriers ? what happened to your leak at motorola europe »? are we getting new leaked images or not ?

  10. anynoleaker Says:

    i received a new image. How do i keep in touch with you guys to send the file over?

  11. Volker B. Says:

    Wenn jetzt 2.2 von Motorola kommt, wäre es doch Zeit mal an 2.3 zu denken.

  12. Petros Lazaridis Says:

    I have a problem with nandroid backup. I performed a nandroid backup but I can’t restore from it. When I’m restoring and rebooting the phone freezes in the motorola logo. Other backups of the original 2.1 firmware work OK.

  13. patryk Says:

    tempe chuje

  14. Nick Simpson Says:

    Hi Everyone

    I don’t know where to find this info because instructions are very thin on the ground…

    I installed GOT 2.2.1. I tried working out what Open Recovery options to choose. I didn’t go into any of the themes options.


    Voice Commands doesn’t work – it just closes.

    I want to get rid of the HotSpot app and fix Android ID but do I have to buy SQLite and Root Explorer?

    There’s no Facebook app so what’s meant by having to uninstall 2.1, etc? I downloaded the App from the Market and it works.

    Please help a confused idiot!

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    […]Bugfixes in 2.2.1 – update for OR in the works « G.O.T.'s Blog[…]…

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