New G.O.T OpenRecovery V2.01 launched

As promised, here is our new V2.01 of the G.O.T OpenRecovery (G.O.T OR)

New features in 2.01 version are:

– toggle USB switch to enable access to the sdcard from your PC whilst you are still in OR (thanks Skrilax_CZ)
– use metamorph themes in OR directly (to theme launcher for example), experimental
– edit your Android_ID in cfg file direclty (16digit hex), then use the respective option to add this ID to your version of the MS
– added OpenRecovery-CFG folder (this is where the .cfg files for the Android_ID and the stock app removal are stored)
– some changes in script to correct issues
– Now based on V1.45 of Skrilax_CZs OpenRecovery!

– The new folder “OpenRecovery-CFG” includes the cfg files that can be changed by the users.
– We moved the “backup” folder to “OpenRecovery-CFG”, so only 1 backup for all features now and not for every Version of our OR mods (2.1, 2.2.1 etc)
– Facebook issue STILL not solved to our satisfaction with the 2.2.1 release

APP & Framework backup:
If you want to make a new complete backup, go to “Stock OR”, Wipe & Cleaning Menu and apply “Create New Backup”
this will delete your old backup and create a new one.

 All cfg files you may edit are in OpenRecovery-CFG now. (folders for GOT_2.1, GOT_2.2.1 and GOT_CM6)
Each folder contains the cfg files you can edit – to edit the cfg files under Windows, don’t use Windows Editor or Notepad
please use Notepad++. 


– Delete all previous versions of the folder “OpenRecovery” on the SD CARD to ensure all you dont habe “old” stuff in the folder
– Copy the OpenRecovery AND OpenRecovery-CFG folders to your SDCARD as well as the

Have fun.


91 Responses to “New G.O.T OpenRecovery V2.01 launched”

  1. hi, can’t find the Apps2SD menu anywhere. have the G.O.T modding menu (mod version 2.01). says call initializer file. Creating Apps2SD menu… done.

  2. udev_dean Says:

    Is there any way/steps for us newbs to update the OR from Skrilax into this OR? I see from a comment this release is using his v1.45; nadlabak has it posted on his site that cureent CM6 builds requires v.1.46.

    Or is there any plan to update this in the near furture?

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    • Quinity Says:

      Im running OR 2.01 which is using 1.45 and had now problems installing CM6 @ my Milestone. Simply patch it. Greetz Quinity

      Sent from my Milestone @ 2.2.1 CyanogenMod 6.1 RC4 22.11.10

      • Quinity Says:

        I meant “I had NO problems installing the CM” 🙂 Have fun and good luck.

  3. I cannot find the Apps2SD menu on latest OR… where is it?

    • Quinity Says:

      Why do you need the App2SD Menu in the OR? 2.2.1 includes App2SD. You can find the menu in settings @ applications.

      • Yeah, but it’s the Froyo Apps2SD that uses FAT32 and needs application to support it. I like former Ext2 way as it goes to the ext2 partition as if it was on internal memory

  4. Any chance to see this recovery works on MB511 / Flipout ? It’ll be awsome !

  5. Shahar Or Says:

    Dear ones,

    Changing timezone seems flipped: Selecting GMT-X actually selects (or at least that is what’s printed on output) GMT+X.


  6. I’m surprised we don’t have anything new from the GOT team for many months. Surely there must be a newer version of the official Froyo release that Moto is working on? Have the sources dried up or what?

    I was looking forward to the official release in Q4 2010 as promised, but of course Motorola failed again, and it could be nearly three months until we see the update released.

    GOT, have you anything to say?

  7. anynoleaker Says:

    How do i get in touch with you guys to send over maybe new “leaked” image and stuff?

  8. Quinity Says:

    This is fake!
    You can put everything in it.
    Sorry but try to fool someone else 😉

  9. BaZZtian Says:

    … plz make a OR with v1.46 need to install CM7

  10. Frau Ke Says:

    What about the new Froyo update by Motorola? Is it better? Or the same? The update manager says that I can’t install it – because I do already have it. But I installed your version…
    Any suggestions?

  11. Łukasz Says:

    download dont work

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