What is the G.O.T.?

The Group of Ten

The G.O.T.  is a group of 10 Android enthusiasts that have gathered subject matter expertise in the various fields as individuals. They have decided to join forces by combining their individual strenghts under the G.O.T.

G.O.T. combines hackers, scripters, modders and designers to enable the typical Android user to benefit from their combined efforts.  The number 10 represents the year 2010, where Android has established its breakthrough  in the smartphone market. The G.O.T. will be focusing on the Motorola Milestone until further notice.

The mission of G.O.T.

The entire team of G.O.T. believes in opensource and the benefits it brings by adding, communicating and sharing their indidivual strenghts and subject matter expertise. G.O.T’s work will be shared with the Android fans of the various communities to allow these users to have the best possible experience on their Android-Phones.

The members

The names of the individuals of the G.O.T will not be disclosed to the general public.

20 Responses to “What is the G.O.T.?”

  1. Got Fan!!! Says:

    Im always your supporter!

  2. Bob John Says:

    Thank you so much for your work you’re doing! Finally someone is stepping up to the plate to make some decent Milestone mods!

  3. Adam Says:

    Great work guys!!!

  4. Great work so far please keep it up and u will receive the support to get our locked milestone bootladers free…

  5. Scoobydumb Says:

    What a great job, who needs the boot loader unlocked with you guys (and or gals) around. My telus phone is running better than it ever has! If you ever need any beta testers let me know.

  6. AndroidGuy101 Says:

    Hey G.O.T !

    First of all,great work guys !
    But what about unlocking the milestones’ bootloader ?


  7. Richard Says:

    This is all very good but nowhere do you actually say what you DO. What is the “GOT” product or hack????

  8. Kev.K Says:

    Motoroi SouthKorean version user, I’m very impressed with your works(bit beta and stuff)… Looking forward to your next work! You guys are awesome!

  9. […] Originally Posted by TelusMilestone h a custom install of android… its very fast and overclocked Nope, thats not what GOT is. What is the G.O.T.? G.O.T.'s Blog […]

  10. primeroz Says:

    Great Stuff … love my milestone performance now with 2.2.1 🙂

    maybe i just did not found it but, how is these stuff licensed? is there any source code available?


  11. Liberated Says:

    I did not invest almost a thousand US$ in my smartphone to end up with a device that is only good in making phone calls.
    I want it all, the full potential.
    And I only get that with Android (or by becoming a criminal with jail breaking an iPhone or a fool by trying my luck out with a Windoze brick).

    So thanks to folks like G.O.T. who help the Dilberts of this world to allways stay one step ahead of their pointy haired bosses and their business consulting minions 🙂

  12. micr0be Says:

    your work is outstanding … i can’t wait for you guys to work on gingerbread, without you guys i would’ve sold my milestone long ago. thank you for enhancing my smartphone to what it should’ve been.

  13. Torsten Knodt Says:

    Thanks for your really good work. Beside a shorter battery life your 2.2.1 release gives me all I ever wanted (Tethering and apps on sd). Even overclocking is there.

  14. bisiro Says:

    will it work on moto milestone 2?

  15. Luis Henriquez Says:

    Hello, first o all thanks for everything you do us (android community).
    I really appreciate it.

    Well i live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, i bought an onlocked milestone a853 but it never connect in 3g, it always connect in edge, is something like the baseband in my country, i have tried with other baseband files but the phone goes out of service. i am using SHOLS_U2_05.06.0, i’d like to get 3g but i can’t find the way to. If any of you can help, i’ll appreciate it a lot.

    Thanks u all

  16. How do I install Froyo on my Milestone A853? Is there any step by step manual?

  17. Rom 2.2.1 region East Asia, how long will be released?

    My Milestone flash UK rom, but error occur with keypad.


  18. Francesco M. Says:

    Shouldn’t be safer to allow setting a password for the recovery menu?

  19. This article is a extraordinarily passable one. Say thank you for shareing such great facts out. Ill deff be driving by more frequently so i an observe whats great!

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