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New G.O.T OpenRecovery V1.10 launched

Posted in Firmware releases, News on 15.10.2010 by groupoften1

We know you are eager to have something to play with, so here you go, at least we want to ease the pain and give you an early version of the new OpenRecovery we are working on for the next firmware – V1.10

We are very happy and grateful for the contributions from the following developers:
– Skrilax_CZ
– nadlabak
– tiagosousa
– credits for the JiT Beta,
– -FuFu-
– DAGr8
– credits to all others who would like to remain anonymous

Changes in this Version:
Our new Open Recovery mod is based on the Open Recovery v1.42 and includes features such as Apps2SD, Theme install, build.prop changes and some other enhancements. Please note –  you use all features on your own risk, take a nandroid backup before applying any changes.

New features in this version are:
– density setting
– remove stock apps
– remove pico langs
– DNS Fix (thanks nadlabak)
– build.prop changes
– Theme install (thanks -FuFu-) and also a bootanimation install
– overclock for firmware 2.0, 2.0.1 and 2.1 (if you are not sure if your firmware is supported, please check the adress of the modules in the script to verify that the the adresses are set correctly)
– recovery launcher (you now able to load other Open Recovery’s in our recovery mod, seperate readme provided) by DAGr8
– First attempt at G.O.T bootanimation (install via Theme/bootanimation option)

All features have a restore/remove funktion. On first launch the script will take a full backup of /system/app, also backup your framework-res.apk, services.jar from the /framework folder, build.prop and all the stock fonts.

Remove Stock applications (in remove menu)
The remove stock app feature is based on the remove.cfg in /OpenRecovery/GOT, you need to edit the file (when you are running Windows do not use notepad or windows editor to edit the file, use notepad++ for example)
You can chose the apps you want to remove, a description is provided in the header of the file. If an app is missing, just add a line withe the name of the .apk file of the app
App names with a “#” won’t be deleted by the script, only apps without the “#” will be deleted

Theme install and bootanimation install
Themes must be copied to /OpenRecovery/addons/Themes or Bootanimation folder (see readme in folder) credits to -FuFU-

Recovery Launcher
Recovery launcher is a very fresh new addition – thanks to DAGr8
You are able to switch between Open Recovery Versions/Mods easily with the Recovery Launcher (see readme for details)

Before you use apps2sd script, please take a complete nandroid backup and also backup all data from your sdcard.

2.2.1 enhancements:
You may note some settings already for 2.2.1, these are preliminary settings at the moment to prepare for the next version of the OR (due soon with entirely new Theme)

We are hunting – but there is nothing to date

Posted in News on 14.09.2010 by GOT-Scripts


We are as frustrated as you are with the slow, sluggish and somewhat boring development on the Froyo-for-Milestone front by Motorola.

We have checked with our sources again this morning and there is nothing being developed at the moment. Motorola seems to focus the attention at the moment on its new devices. Given the fact that officially the 2.2 update was promised for “some countries for the end of the year”, whilst this is not the speediest adaptation ever witnessed, it is not surprising that with 4 months to go, nothing is happening.

So we will keep hunting – and will let you know once there is something to report on.

The hunt for Froyo begins

Posted in News on 31.07.2010 by groupoften1


Due to the vacation period and the fact that we have now completed the rollout of the 2.1 releases, things got quiet around here we will start to hunt for Froyo once our team is complete again.

As you may know,  there is a limited group of enthusiasts already working on the 2.2 port at the moment. You can find them at the usual forums.

We are watching their work closely. We have contacted some of them and will see how we can cooperate in the future.

We will also start to work on an update to the G.O.R OpenRecovery and are collecting the feature improvements at the moment. But it will be a couple of weeks until we will be back with some progress.

New version of G.O.T OpenRecovery V1.04a

Posted in News on 14.07.2010 by GOT-Scripts

We have to apologise, but we have, after being alarmed by some comments about JIT not working, realised we have made a simple copy and paste mistake in our scripts that resulted in JIT not working.

A new version that will resolve this issue was just released. This will also revert back to the older version of the SU and Superuser.apk for root (as the new version seems to have issues with apps that need root access on boot).

– now includes jit script update from zhenech (thanks)
– includes updated libraries from our friend Nadlabak for flac
– OR now correctly identified as V1.04a when applying the

If you downloaded the previous version V1.04a, please delete and replace with this one.

click to download (V1.04a)


New G.O.T OpenRecovery V1.03

Posted in News on 25.06.2010 by GOT-Scripts

G.O.T OpenRecovery V1.03 released!

– Seperate Menu for overclocking and various speeds (all locked at VSEL 56, the max voltage for stock)
– Fixed busybox installation bug
– Included warnings for APPS2SD
– Facebook sync fix für UK/RTEU included in build.prop
– Enhanced restore menu for all modifications
– Included nadlabaks keyboard chart change into G.O.T
– Modified G.O.T Theme (and added a special treat, the Droid X Multitouch softkeyboard) and battery load indicator for 10% increases (so you will see 100%, 90% 80%, 70% etc from mattmaso and he_stheone64 from

You can download the new release here.

Upcoming releases and roadmap

Posted in News on 22.06.2010 by GOT-Scripts

We have decided to give you a quick peek behind the scenes.

We are currently working on the following:

FIRMWARE– SHOLS_U2_02.38.0 for FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN – (before you ask, these Southern Europe countries will get a .38 release, however, we have not been able to locate any differences that are worth mentioning to the .36 release.
– Expand to include TELUS (Canada) and Russian firmware files – under investigation

G.O.T OpenRecovery
V1.03 – bugfix release – scheduled for end of week/weekend
V1.04 – new features in approx 1-2 weeks

New G.O.T OpenRecovery V1.02

Posted in News on 19.06.2010 by GOT-Scripts

As previously announced, we have now released the new G.O.T OpenRecovery V1.02

– New install and uninstall options for the modifications and tweaks
– Modified handling of build.prop (no longer self-installs)
– Updated G.O.T. Theme

See the new G.O.T Theme here.

You can download the new release here.