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New Features

Posted in Release Notes on 15.06.2010 by GOT-Scripts

During out testing, we have discovered these features:

– New Application: Xing
– Camera settings modified slightly
– New security setting, “security lock timeout”

This does not mean that these are the only new features, but these were the ones visible to the naked eye.

Bugfixes in this release

Posted in Release Notes on 15.06.2010 by GOT-Scripts

The following known bugs have been fixed within this release. We have done some testing and can confirm these fixes:

  1. Media Player resumes and plays music without being user-initiated is fixed
  2. Spontaneous reboots did not occur during our testing.
  3. Wake-up Alarm and other scheduled events now work properly. Confirmed with the alarm tester the infamous nadlabak has created (many thanks for that)
  4. Issues that although WiFi is active the MS cannot connect to authorised APs fixed.
  5. Camera displays 7pixel-wide streak on the right hand side when in Widescreen Mode – not fixed
  6. Settings widget displays GPS enabled although Navigation and GPS fix no longer required – works as designed to alarm user that GPS functionality remains active in the background
  7. Notification LED only lights up when in standby mode (screen disabled) – works as designed

We have tested and verified these within the G.O.T team and during our tests these bugs have no longer occurred. Since every MS is configured differently that does not mean that these may not occur in your particular configuration.

New Bugs

Posted in Release Notes on 14.06.2010 by GOT-Scripts

Our German-speaking tester has discovered the following:

Bad translation of Security Setting “Security Lock Timeout” into German „Timeout füherheitssperre“

We will continue testing and checking for new issues.