G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery

Download G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery

click to download (V1.04a)

The G.O.T. OpenRecovery includes the following amendments:

  • nandroid backup system
  • root your phone
  • wipe /data and /cache also wipe dalvik-cache
  • G.O.T. Modding Menu, where you can install various modifications such as memhack, apps2sd, overclocking, FLAC support, G.O.T. Theme, modified build.prop etc.
  • Includes dedicated overclocking menu with different settings – note we have locked all settings at VSEL 56 to avoid voltage damages. Tweak this to your device setting by modifying the overclock.sh in the /OpenRecovery/bin folder
  • Includes hardware keyboard menu to quickly change to QWERTZ, QWERTY, AZERTY, EURO QWERTY thanks to nadlabak
  • Enhanced restore menue now includes build.prop and others

V1.04a also adds the following:

  • Includes the JIT dalvik compiler (in the G.O.T menu)
  • Modified the apps2sd handling (bugfix)
  • Uses smaller update.zip (12 MB instead of 30MB)


G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery V1.04a

The G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery based on the OpenRecovery from Skrilax_CZ, here is the link to the original post an modmymobile.com

Open Recovery v1.14 [06/11/2010]

FLAC support and keyboard layout script was contributed by nadlabak

Download G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery

click to download (V1.04a)

180 Responses to “G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery”

  1. theslug Says:

    Good Work 🙂
    Is possible add a script in the recovery for change from QWERTZ & QWERTY keyboard?

  2. Martin Juhl Says:

    I’m having problems after activating A2SD…

    The MotoExtras toolbox cant see the phone… Anyone got any ideas???

  3. faringan Says:

    I see there are a lot of firmwares and each one is provided for phones from a different place. My Milestone is italian no brand version, which version of firmware I have to install? If I install a version provided for a different country risk to damage my Milestone?

    just another question: at which speed is setted overclock at boot? Can I change it permanently?

    • We will release the version for Italy (WIND) soon.
      The speed is set to a moderate 720mhz with no voltage increase and should work for everybody. You can tweak it later at your own convenience.

    • TheHaunted Says:

      I have a Italian Milestone. I Flashed the EUR sbf on it:
      Phone works great, all the bugs gone!

      It didn´t work directly with rsd lite. but dropping the .sbf on a .bat file did the trick.
      @ECHO OFF

      ECHO RSD Lite Easy Batch Flash by Craig Crawford (DataMatrix)
      ECHO ——————————————————–

      IF [%1]==[] GOTO ERROR2
      IF /I NOT “%~x1″==”.sbf” GOTO ERROR3

      ECHO Before starting, make sure you have:
      ECHO 1: Loaded your phone up into bootloader mode.
      ECHO 2: You have the right drivers installed for your phone.
      ECHO 3: You have connected the USB cable to your device.

      ECHO Flashing SBF…

      START /WAIT SDL.exe -f “%1” -t 2

      ECHO Done!



      ECHO SDL.exe not found! Please place this batch file inside
      ECHO your RSD Lite folder.

      ECHO You cannot launch this batch file directly.
      ECHO Please drag and drop the sbf you wish to flash onto this
      ECHO batch file to start the flashing process.

      ECHO Wrong file!

      • Thanks for sharing. The current issues with RSD, filesnames of the sbfs and others usually can be cured by a couple of trick such as moving the file to a different recovery, staring rsd from command prompt or simply “renaming the sbf”.

  4. newbie69 Says:

    I flashed the vulnerable_recovery_only_RAMDLD90_78.sbf (through RSD Lite) and then copied and applied the GOT Openrecovery update.zip. However, after first boot into openrecovery and running a few commands such as: “root phone”, “Miscellaneous > apply update”, and “wipe dalvik cache” the phone cannot boot and stayed in MOTO logo.
    After a second reboot into openrecovery I selected “Restore mot_boot_mode” and the phone now goes on from MOTO logo to Android logo but stays there forever.

    Any hints on restoring the phone??? Thanks!

    • comments:

      1) why do you flash the recovery in the first place? we already injected it into the sbf, this was not necessary and probably the issue you are experiencing could be related
      2) you can restore the phone with your nandroid backup (we advised you and all user to take a nandroid backup BEFORE doing anything)
      3) you can try to restore the phone via a wipe command from the recovery

      • newbie69 Says:

        Thanks for the info. I certainly DO NOT blame any of you guys providing all of these means to get a lot more out of our phones. The above situation appeared due to my hurry to apply the recoveries.
        Anyway, that was a nice opportunity to upgrade also so I applied the Shols 2.36 from the beginning.

  5. foobar Says:

    The recovery init copies a build.prop from sdcard to /system which changes the system language to german, nice surprise….

    Can you please not touch /system at all unless the user actually wants it by installing some of the mods?

    • we might consider that for the future. However, any user interested in these modifications should be experienced enough (and word of advice, I would always check the scripts before I use mods such as ours) to prevent the build.prop to be copied. Or he can revert it via a couple of options such an flashing the sbf again, and then not initiating the G.O.T recovery, or manually deleting this from the script prior to initiating the recovery

  6. grigoris_a Says:

    I tried installing busybox through G.O.T open recovery but i don’t see any files to data/busybox.I also tried xbin folder with same result.I think its not installing it.

  7. Charles in Vancouver Says:

    What exactly does “customize the build.prop” do? What sorts of modifications are you making? This is very vague and deserves a bit more of an explanation =)

    • Charles,

      Since you ask so nicely and are out only customer in Canada so far, I will reply in detail:
      You can see the modifications that will be applied in the script itself prior to executing it

      – The build.prop modification does a couple of things, most importantly, it “fakes” the market to see the phone as a .34 build version. This is required because the market is not updated yes to grant access to the .36 version )as it has not been officially released). We implemented a fingerprint from Germany that we know works with the market as a temporary solution.
      – Modifies the build number to reflect our mods
      – Modifies the camera quality (adds 720p 30frames support for the camera, larger bitrate and sound)
      – Ringdelay, multitouch modified

      You can manually modify the script by editing the script \OpenRecovery\bin\build.sh and removing the options you do not want. Usually we would customize all options and make them user-selectable, however, the current version of OpenRecovery doesnt allow for another layer of interaction, as such, we needed to run it as a full script.

      • dproldan Says:

        GOT, you are doing a great job. Thank you.

        The camera resolution you are applying (720×400) isn’t referred to as 720p.

  8. Seshank Says:

    Guys..Need some help. Currently running 2.1 EU firmware on my Milestone with App2SD
    If i flash the GOT firmware..And use Open Reecovery to run the App2SD hack..Does that mean i can just restore my apps using titanium and ill have all my data left ?

  9. Charles in Vancouver Says:

    Also a previous recovery version (Milestone Custom Recovery) used to have the option to take nandroid backups without data using these switches: –nodata –nocache –nomisc

    On this version I see a data-only and system-only option but these are not as comprehensive as backing up everything but data. Might you be able to add this option back in for the next version?

    • Charles in Vancouver Says:

      Interesting and thank you! It’s working for me so far, 3G okay and everything. I’m going to post further comments in the XDA-dev thread regarding this release.

    • Charles,

      You can manually add and delete the partitions in

  10. Hello there,

    First of all thanks for the great release.
    I just wanted to tell you that the “Install Root” option doesn’t work with the latest .36 DACH firmware.

    su binary cannot be launched with the following error:
    reloc_library[1244]: 2029 cannot locate ‘_ZN7android6Párcel17writeStrongBinderERKNS_2spINS_7IBinderEEE’…CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE

    I installed the well known milestone_root.zip instead and it worked flawlessly.

    So far other tested options are working correctly:
    – memhack
    – flac
    – build.prop

    Thanks for the G.O.T recovery and firmwares


    • Hi

      cannot confirm that the SU doesnt work. I had to reinstall my phone just minutes ago and used the apply root option and it worked flawlessly. If you are calling the su from the adb then you neet to grant access to this command from your phone via the superuser request.

      • Yeah problem is that i didn’t get the request popup…
        Also tried directly from the phone with a terminal and gave me the same error.
        Maybe it just come from my setup… not cleaned cache or such??
        Not complaining anyway just reporting in case someone else also have it 🙂

  11. Emanuele Says:

    Hi! Thank u for new release! I have a problem.. if i install the GOT THEME and select 5, 7 or 9 home panel i have only 3 panel.

    • groupoften1 Says:

      Simple, you are now using LauncherPro, and this one is configured via the “Preferences” tab if you use the softkey for menu from your homescreen. THe settings you are referring to are the ones for the stanard launcher which we replaced.

  12. newbie69 Says:

    The “install busybox” option does not work on neither of three possible locations. I had turn to the old-fashioned way through adb in order to install it.

    • athurh Says:

      OpenRecovery/bin/busybox.sh script has an error in path
      Change /sdcard/OpenRecovery/GOT/bin/busybox to /sdcard/OpenRecovery/GOT/sbin/busybox

      • groupoften1 Says:


        Agreed there is a copy and past mistake in our script, it should refer to sbin instead to bin. We will fix that in the next release, in the meantime you can manually fix that by changing the busybox.sh script and change it to sbin/busybox.

  13. Lesiroth Says:

    I just wanted to ask 2 things:
    – How can you keep the themed Google Search Widget if you update LauncherPro from Market?
    – Do you plan on releasing any firmware with Arabic support?

    • groupoften1 Says:

      The themed Google Search widget can be manually copied by replacing the modified PNGs in our version of the LauncherPro, then copying this modified LauncherPro to /system.
      Once the Arabic firmwares are available to us, we will release them here.

  14. TYvesto Says:

    I just used the app2sd mod … you didn’t even warn that all the data would be erased on the SD … That’s not nice from you …
    I just lost 3 months of my life (pictures &co)
    That’s really really not cool !

    • groupoften1 Says:


      Whilst we regret this happened, please understand that we do not consider our mods applicable for mainstream users where we need to compose and write how-tos for the average Joe.
      Users using our mods should know what they are doing and should know the possible implications of things like App2SD, which requires a format of your SD card which we consider common knowledge in the Android modding community. I hope you at least took a backup of your data regularily (which btw, is just like taking Nandroid backups – a good practice)

    • Robert Says:

      Hi, i hope you will read this reply. ALL your data on SD card can easily by brought back. But ONLY IF YOU DONT WRITE NEW STUFF ON SD CARD. Just inserd SD card via USB adapter directly in computer and use one of many programs to bring data back. For example a few: FileScavenger, GetDataBack FAT-NTFS , testdisk(this one is open source), and many more.

      Worky EVERY time, i got pictures from formated SD card in my camera back, and also fors for normal PC disc of course.

  15. charles in Vancouver Says:

    While I appreciate all the hard work, I’m going to continue to recommend the OpenRecovery v1.14 to mod newbies. It has less risky options in its menus… slightly more user-proof! 🙂 No offense intended, and keep the good stuff coming!

    • groupoften1 Says:

      Absolutely agree Charles. Our work is not intended for the newbies or users that do not know what they are doing. So we appreciate your support and agree that the OR from skrilax_cz is the safer option for these users 🙂

  16. bernard Says:

    hi there, thanks for your work here. My bootloader is currently 90.78, is it able to use your application on my motorola milestone?

  17. paul Says:

    hey! when i install de G.O.T. mod, some things doesn’t appear correctly… like the “Phone” menu… it appears normally.

  18. Seshank Says:

    Guys..Please help me out…
    I already have app2sd installed with the ext partition on my memory card.
    If i flash the new firmware and then use this mod to install app2sd is there anyway i can recover all the data from my apps?

  19. Hello by me….
    Your work is awesome…
    So i have a proposion for you, if it’s possible to add the ability to completly remove every stock .apk we want from your Open Recovery menou

    • Hi

      Not sure I understand what you mean with “every stock” app. We have played around with the idea of removing apps in packages, however, given the fact that depending on the localisation of the particular sbf file, this would be against our “universal G.O.T OpenRecovery” concept. Also we are not sure that this will be fit for all, as each person likes particular stock apps or requires them. As such, we are at the moment not willing to customise the G.O.T OR for each country sbf each release, so for the time being, this feature will be on our watchlist but not in our immediate plans.

      • I didn’t mean all native (stock) aplications. I ment that you could make a menu to choose which of stock application a user would like to remove…. and i think it’s not against your “universal G.O.T OpenRecovery” concept as all .sbf files have almost the same stock applications…
        I had this idea cause with a menu that users could remove stock applications (i mean applications from /system/app) that they dodn’t need and with a menu like this users would have the opportunity to make all they want from your G.O.T OpenRecovery without using their PCs, or Root Explorers…
        That’s my thoughts….
        Imagine a Open Recovery that could root, make Nandroid Backups-Restores, make memhack trick, install busybox, remove stock apps, overclocking, make FLAC support, aply Themes, modified build.prop …
        It will be an All In One tool that users could make almost all from their phone, without use their PCs at all…

      • Interesting request. However, given the fact that you get root with the G.O.T OR, all you need is Root Explorer installed and each user can then delete the apps in /system he/she doesnt need. And given the fact that it is 50+ apps in the native system/app folder, the menu itselfe from the G.O.T OR would be not very intuitive and user friendly, and each app would have to be backed up to catch the random user who thinks that since it is in our OR, we need to give him some sort of backup and warranty for “using” the delete feature. So I am afraid we will refrain from this in the foreseeable future.

  20. Thanks! Might be a silly question, but I assume Apps2SD methods like DarkTremor’s (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=670087&page=1) won’t work on a Milestone? And if not, exactly why not? Just curious.

  21. A simple modification for the OpenRecovery 1.14 and GOT OpenRecovery 1.02 that allows to change the HW keyboard layout (QWERTY/QWERTZ/AZERTY) using a menu in the OpenRecovery GUI.


  22. munas Says:

    Everything is WOW but I really don’t understand what happend to the default system font. It is very thin and almost unreadable; i reall can’t get used to it.
    Is there any way to keep the regular “thick” system font?

    • pencho Says:

      I second that, while I really enjoy the theme and the font looks nice, but it’s too damn thin for my eyes.. Well, I hope that the next version will fix this. Keep the good work guys..

      • you can simply delete the fonts from the OpenRecovery/GOT/fonts folder before applying the theme. this will apply the theme without any font modifications.

  23. geekygirlau Says:

    Awesome work! Thanks ever so much for the efforts 🙂

    I had a question about your app2sd script – why is it partitioning the SD Card and yet leaving about 180mb at the end of it untouched? I checked my SD Card on Ubuntu gparted and found after running the script it formatted the card and yet it left a completely unformatted 180mb? I went and formatted manually and applied app2sd via this method http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=697475 and no issues.

    LOVE the theme by the way, again thanks for all your hard work for our Milestones!

  24. […] / GOT 1.02 22 June, 2010 – 16:54 — nadlabak A simple modification for the OpenRecovery 1.14 and GOT OpenRecovery 1.02 that allows to change the HW keyboard layout (QWERTY/QWERTZ/AZERTY) using a menu in the […]

  25. Leeks Says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the effort in putting things up on this site.

    I just downloaded the south-east asia service .zip and am intending to “update” my milestone to the new version.

    A few questions so that I know I’m doing the right thing (as opposed to making a very expensive paperweight)

    I’m using a Starhub-Milestone (Build# SHOLS_U2_02.31.0) and I have root (flashed downgrade with vulnerable .sbf)

    i) should I restore to non-root before proceeding or could I go ahead and use G.O.T open recovery and proceeed

    ii) assuming I have a current nandroid backup of my phone, after the update to SEA_36 service .zip would I be expecting to restore my backup OR all the applications should be intact?

    Sorry for being long-winded. I’m utterly thankful for your time viewing and answering to this post.

    Thanks again!

    • hi leeks,

      1) Not necessary, you should be ok going straight to G.O.T OR
      2) Yes you should. For 90% of the devices, all settings remain intact after applying the sbf. Some need to wipe and then manually restore the /data folder from a previous nandroid backup after sbf flashing.
      It all dpends on your particular setup and apps..

  26. newbie69 Says:

    Sorry for stupid questions maybe, but I’d like to know two things:

    1) After splitting the SD and installing APPS2SD do I have to also apply the “Install boothack” procedure for Apps2SD to work? I have completed the first two steps but I havent seen any new option in installing my apps. Also after installing some new apps they were installed on the phone.

    2) how can I ever to previous configuration (unsplitted SD and no APPS2SD)?


  27. Goodold Says:

    Hi all,

    I tried flashing the UK SHOLS_U2_36.0. If you try to apply the overclock in GOT Openrecovery v1.02 then the phone gets stck at the M logo ( and doesn’t boot ). The phone will boot without the overclock applied.


  28. Ahmad Yasser Says:

    Hello, it’s me again 😛
    I just wanted to ask one more thing:
    Does the OC you have in your Recovery make the phone CPU fixed at 800 mhz? Or will it go up and down depending on use?
    Just want to know how it will affect battery life..

    • It goes “up and down” depending on CPU load.

      We will include a couple of new options in the upcoming V1.03 🙂

      • Ahmad Yasser Says:

        So its not harmful to battery life? 😉
        Great job on OR 1.03, gonna try it right now.
        Thanks for all your work on Android 😀

  29. Your new fonts are pretty nice, but they don’t despaly Greek characters, so i see squares… Also i see squares in some applications in application menu tha have big name…. I hope you will make something to correct these 2 issues… Thanks for your excellent work….

    • groupoften1 Says:

      thanks for your comments – in that event I would recommend you go back and install the theme, then delete the fonts in OpenRecovery/GOT/fonts folder on your SD card, and reapply the theme. This way it will not replace the default fonts from Android.

      • I erplaced the fonts… but if its possible can you make these new fonts of your theme to work with more languages and not have squares even in English?
        Thanks again…

  30. Goodold Says:

    Hi all.

    Further to my last comment, Overclocking using GOT recovery v1.03 on SHOLS_U2_36.0 UK still doesn’t seem to work – phone now boots but seems to get stuck once phone has booted ( all apps force close and homescreen fails to appear ).

    Theme seems to work better now ( on v1.02 some options seemed to be in the wrong place e.g. on the power off menu, slient mode, flight mode and power off were all mixed up ).


    • groupoften1 Says:

      Must be you then or your apps. I did a clean install with the UK sbf last night, then rooted overclocked ect. All works as it should.

  31. Mark Says:

    Hello, i always get moto logo stuck after installing app2sd!
    Any help? i format/split with the got option and then apply app2sd install and when reboot it get stuck :s.



  32. Goodold Says:

    Hi all.

    Further to previous comments I did a clean install of SHOLS_U2_36.0 UK and everything was fine. Have rooted, memhacked and am running overclocked at 800mhz and 50 vsel and all seems stable for now.

    Just one question – I had a look on your site and couldn’t find the answer – as far as the UK SHOLS is concerned – what exactly is modded in the modified bulid.prop?

    Thanks – keep up the good work.

    • Goodold Says:

      Sorry – just to be clear – I was talking about recovery v1.03 when asking about the modified build.prop.


      • we have answered that already in a previous questions.

        – The build.prop modification does a couple of things, most importantly, it “fakes” the market to see the phone as a .34 build version. This is required because the market is not updated yes to grant access to the .36 version )as it has not been officially released). We implemented a fingerprint from Germany that we know works with the market as a temporary solution.
        – Modifies the build number to reflect our mods
        – Modifies the camera quality (adds 720p 30frames support for the camera, larger bitrate and sound)
        – Ringdelay, multitouch modified

        You can manually modify the script by editing the script \OpenRecovery\bin\build.sh and removing the options you do not want. Usually we would customize all options and make them user-selectable, however, the current version of OpenRecovery doesnt allow for another layer of interaction, as such, we needed to run it as a full script.

      • Goodold Says:

        Thank you for the reply and the information.

  33. Pheppy Says:

    ADB Shell does not seem to work anymore.
    I start ADB Shell after applying update.zip
    prompt look weird
    ←[32mG.O.T.-Recovery ←[33m/

    Can’t access sdcard, can’t switch to superuser.

  34. Epfoxlin Says:

    Hi,thanks your good work.G.O.T.theme is so cool 。
    Sorry for poor english.
    I am from China. And the milestone is named XT702. The newly ROM sbf file is SGC_U2_02.04.0,with baseband 56I,baseband configuration B1B2B5.
    My question is:
    1.Can G.O.T. theme be used in XT702 SGC_U2_02.04.0,if it cant,Do you have plan to develop it?
    2.The Chinese ROM XT702 SGC_U2_02.04.0 is with odex file structure,which is different from UK,O2DE ROM etc。Do you have the courage to challenge it?

  35. […] I think your root will stay if you flash just the boot.img. You can always root again if it doesn't. There's a great script out which does nandroid/root/OC/etc. -> G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery G.O.T.'s Blog […]

  36. Maxairo Says:

    Congratulations for the hard and great work to all of you!!

    I have a big problem since i bought my Milestone. Whenever i try to turn it on, after the Motorola (M) logo, a screen appears with this text:


    Battery OK
    OK to Program
    Connect USB
    Data cable

    I ve tried several times to repass 2.1 stock and 90.78 bootloader but the same message appears 5 out of 10 times i try to turn the phone on. Now that i Rooted it using ur sbf and ur own Recovery 1.03 the message seems to appear even more times. I ve tried to flash 90.78 bootloader many times but nothing.. Please help me solve it. Thanks!

    • The error you showed and given that it comes up 5 out of ten times is nothing you can “cure” with a fw release. Your phone needs to go back to the manufactorer.

      • Maxairo Says:

        What if a new bootloader version comes out? Do you think that it would be better to send it to Motorola. I still have warranty but what am I gonna say as a problem? I m too confused.

  37. Bruno Says:

    Hello, i’m from Brazil and tkx for the GOT OpenRecovery.

    I installed it and everything but overclock is working for me at the mod menu.

    When i try to overclock, says everything is ok. But when i try to reboot the phone, i got stuck at the moto logo screen.

    I’m doing something wrong?

    Tkx again.

    • Bruno Says:

      Bad news for me. Can’t install the Theme too. When i try to install it, same problem as overclock: stuck at “android” screen.

      • the theme may not work as our theme was adapted to the SHOLS_U2.36.0 build – we know the SHOLS_U2_38.0 AND the telus build has different framework.res files. So this may be the reason.

  38. Tobecontrol Says:

    Please include in Open recovery Russian Keyboard(йцукен).

  39. flipim Says:

    There is still problems with the new OPEN RECOVERY to apply app2sd? thx!

  40. Patrick Says:

    Hi, i try the App2sd hack using asian market fw,, but when i reboot it hangs at the starhub screen and never boot. When since to been the problem?

  41. Darren Says:

    In your next release can you add a “wipe battery status” option as well?

  42. apps2sd does not work for me too. hang at moto logo.

  43. ubutnux Says:

    app2sd does not work on my milestone, using asian firmware. it hangs at M logo

  44. […] called "update.zip" and see if if will read that. 3) If that fails, use open recovery or GOT's open recovery and try rooting that way. If GOT fails, then the issue is your vulnerable recovery, not the […]

  45. Use adb for installing app2sd and FLAC, most of the hack doesn’t work. The only thing worked for me is the partition on the SDcard. For everything else, I use Open Recovery V1.14.

    By the way, I’m on Shols 2.36 SE Asian update from here.

  46. Croak Says:

    Great tool, had a few problems with boot loops that are fixed by wiping the dalvik cache and /cache directory when trying to use G.O.T. mods.

    The only issue I have now is that when using the G.O.T. theme, the long-press power button menu is messed up..it works, but the text is wrong/misaligned. I can live with it, as I like the rest of the theme a lot.

    This is on a Telus Milestone with 2.1/3.10 (already had a vulnerable recovery sbf installed, so your 3.11 service version won’t install properly and I don’t want to do a system wipe.).

  47. […] The framework-res.apk and services.jar can be found in their zip file, which can be found here: G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery G.O.T.'s Blog Just dig into the zip, the files are in […]

  48. 4iedemon Says:

    Why are my comments always deleted? i thought i have used the right email address…

  49. yantz Says:

    theres an error in the app2sd script.

    chmod 644 /system/bin/mot_boot_mo*

    should be:

    chmod 755 /system/bin/mot_boot_mo*

    this explains why the device wont boot


    • ubutnux Says:

      yap, it solves the problem. i didn’t notice the permission. thank you very much. app2sd works like a charm now

  50. […] Visto che per molti tutto questo può risultare difficile e non si vuole andar a rischiare di incasinare file di sistema solo perchè si è letto male un passaggio, noi di AndroidLab veniamo in vostro soccorso e abbiamo creato due semplici script da aggiungere alla OpenRecovery del GOT (scaricabile qui). […]

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