G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery

Download G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery

click to download (V1.04a)

The G.O.T. OpenRecovery includes the following amendments:

  • nandroid backup system
  • root your phone
  • wipe /data and /cache also wipe dalvik-cache
  • G.O.T. Modding Menu, where you can install various modifications such as memhack, apps2sd, overclocking, FLAC support, G.O.T. Theme, modified build.prop etc.
  • Includes dedicated overclocking menu with different settings – note we have locked all settings at VSEL 56 to avoid voltage damages. Tweak this to your device setting by modifying the overclock.sh in the /OpenRecovery/bin folder
  • Includes hardware keyboard menu to quickly change to QWERTZ, QWERTY, AZERTY, EURO QWERTY thanks to nadlabak
  • Enhanced restore menue now includes build.prop and others

V1.04a also adds the following:

  • Includes the JIT dalvik compiler (in the G.O.T menu)
  • Modified the apps2sd handling (bugfix)
  • Uses smaller update.zip (12 MB instead of 30MB)


G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery V1.04a

The G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery based on the OpenRecovery from Skrilax_CZ, here is the link to the original post an modmymobile.com

Open Recovery v1.14 [06/11/2010]

FLAC support and keyboard layout script was contributed by nadlabak

Download G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery

click to download (V1.04a)

180 Responses to “G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery”

  1. xXG4Xx Says:

    hello! My Milestone is Venezuelans version, which version of firmware I have to install?

    • Methos Says:


    • taquion12 Says:

      Hi, I´m from Venezuela too I just Installed the last version of G.O.T in a stock rom and it works great!, I had installed the G.O.T´s version for Milestone before, i had apps2sd and the others hacks things installed

  2. hello. I have a milestone and had failure in what was the installation of app2sd since I left the SD memory corrupt and would not let me install applications from the MARKET. I hope this is resolved. Thanks…

  3. Joseph Says:

    Any changes to the theme at all? The Search icons was mis-aligned…but that was the only annoyance i found – great work!

  4. leeks Says:

    Hi there,

    Exciting work including JIT beta! However, I ran this as well as installing the new superuser.apk. Now I seem to have lost root.

    Further, LINPACK run yields no increase in speed. = (( I’m going back to my previous NANDROID backup for now.

    Please help. Did I miss something? I cleared Dalvik cache prior to running the jit script and root phone.

    Thanks guys!

    • leeks Says:


      Sorry, I tried again by doing

      clear dalvik cache
      install jit
      clear dalvik cache again
      install su 2.2.2

      and it is ok now. I have root. But I see no increase in performance. = (((

      at least I have a phone that is working. = )

      • you are absolutely right 😦 we found a mistake in our scripts and will upload the fixed version shortyl. Apologies for the inconveniece.

      • leeks Says:

        no problem. Thank you so much for all the effort. = ))

        I’ll update once the fixed version is up. Thank you again!

  5. First of all thanks for hard work put into all these releases. Been looking at the site for some time now waiting for an opportunity to flash your software to my milestone.

    I love the theme you guys have made but the only thing that will stop me using it at the moment is that when ever I try to make a custom icon with Better Cut it gives me the error

    “unable to edit shortcuts for Android Home, if you are editing Open Home, you MUST instal Open home first. The easy solution is to just uninstall BetterCut and then reinstall it (without uninstalling Open Home”

    I tried to reinstall BetterCut after applying your fresh rom and theme out of curiosity, but it gives me the same error.

    The only work around I have found so far is to make all icons with BetterCut on a stock theme, then when I apply your theme, my custom icons are still there, but that’s a really long process when ever I want to make a custom Icon.

    Is this a bug or does your theme just not support BetterCut at all?


    • groupoften1 Says:

      thats a problem with better cut- If no “stock” launcher installed, it fails to create the shortcuts. Either install the stock launcher beside the launcher pro, then add your shortcuts and remove the stock launcher when done, or use folder organiser lite.

  6. bryant_16 Says:

    Hi, I have enabled the JIT using the latest recovery, but don’t have any significant boost in performance (speed). Can clarify further?

  7. Thank you for the reply, I have resolved the issue with Folder Organiser Lite.

  8. freyr Says:


    I installed to my Milestone the latest EU firmware, and now I can’t run the update.zip. It says:
    E:EOCD marker occures after start of EOCD
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    This occures with 1.03 and 1.04a, too.

  9. fence Says:

    Do I need to be root in order to use JIT Compiler?

  10. Paracelsus Says:


    Does the included nandroid backup the SDCard applications (when using app2SD) ?

  11. David from Germany Says:

    Hey guys,

    I think you did some great work with your G.O.T. OpenRecovery.
    I installed it and all runs much faster than before.

    I use also your DACH 2.36.0 FW Release but I have two little issues in the OpenRecovery/GOT Theme:

    1st: if I wrote a SMS and then I will go back to the Home Screen by pushing home button it takes up to 4 sec before I am at the Home Screen.
    2nd: there are some missing letters in your fond-pack.

    My Setup:

    2.1 update 1 (GOT Release)
    OpenRecovery 1.04b
    Clocked to 800 MHz by OpenRecovery
    Rooted by OpenRecovery
    GOT Theme installed via OpenRecovery

    I also try to install newer LauncherPro (0.7.1) but It don’t changes the issues.

  12. […] if you have been adventurous enough to flash the G.O.T OpenRecovery on your phone, then overclocking the Milestone is old news. For everyone else, this has been a […]

  13. Спасибо автору блога, нашел много полезной информации.
    Кстати а как подписаться на обновления то.

  14. Pistahh Says:

    JIT also does not work for me.. how to find out why? what to look for?

  15. […] se basa en una version vieja del Open Recovery pero es casi lo mismo, vos bajate la ultima 1.04a de ACA G.O.T. Telus – G.O.T. OpenRecovery v1.04a – G.O.T Theme + JiT + Memhack OC 900Mhz ROOT […]

  16. Pistahh Says:


    the GOT theme is missing two letters of the hungarian alphabet – ő and ű , lower and upper case – I am happy to add them, could you please post some instructions how to do that? i.e. which are the font files, which tool to edit them, etc.


    • Pistahh Says:

      Hi, I added the missing characters. (ő ű Ő Ű), what should I do so they become part of your stuff?


  17. EAHF Says:

    Hi sorry for my english am from Venezuela. I want to used this program for overclok in my Milestone: What is the vsel used in the diferent frecuency???

  18. […] recommend you flash the Open Recovery by GOT or just the OpenRecovery: 1) G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery G.O.T.'s Blog 2) [GUIDE] Root + Nandroid Backup/Restore with Open Recovery – xda-developers I prefer #1. But […]

  19. […] easiest way to install apps2sd is by using G.O.T's OpenRecovery which you can find here. But to use G.O.T's OpenRecovery, you need to flash the vulnerable recovery first. Since you used […]

  20. […] the correct sbf for your phone, then flash vulnerable recovery, and finally use OpenRecovery to install apps2sd. And don't use the tutorials available at theunlocker.com again as they are […]

  21. Thang Says:

    Hi team,
    I have a question about app2sd, I tried to use app2sd, but I saw 2 types of app2sd, which one I should use? the original version or edited version? I tried the original version but it could not install.
    thanks in advance

  22. […] me what exactly custom rom is? I used G.O.T openrecovery, as one another guy told me on this forum. G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery G.O.T.'s Blog I don't know if custom rom is different from what I used to root. & if custom rom is different […]

  23. […] Versione G.O.T., mod della versione precedente (maggiori features): https://groupoften.wordpress.com/g-o-t-s-openrecovery/ […]

  24. This thing is great. Thanks GOT for the tools. After a few hiccups I was able to get it working and am using this along with Fast & Lite that I found on XDA.

    Just one question on the FLAC hack. I installed from the menu, but when I try to go the music player after rebooting, it still says that the player is unable to play when I try to open a FLAC file. Was there anything else that needs to be done to enable playing of FLAC files?

    Also (and please excuse the dumb question) how would I be able to confirm successful installation of JIT? I have run it from the menu but wasn’t quite sure if it took.


  25. damianoo Says:

    hello, sorry for my bad English. I have problems with the milestone. I partitioned my SD through your got, then I installed app2sd, and I said to restart. the phone is locked on the screen after a while I have turned off and restarted. but now will not turn on anymore! is off

  26. Profcool Says:

    Hi all, I am having problems getting Apps2SD to work on my Milestone and I am looking for some assistance. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but I think I have followed all the steps required to get it running.

    I have GOT Open Recovery installed and have factory reset my phone. From there I have used the tool within Open Recovery to partion the SD Card (16gb) and then installed Apps2SD.

    When I install any apps they are still installing to the phones memory rather than the SD card (I can see the internal memory being reduced by the same amount as the apps size). Can anyone help and advise me what I need to do to get this up and running?

    Thanks in advance

  27. Karla Says:

    can I used it in Mexico without problem?

  28. Karla Says:

    help me

  29. Eric Says:

    hi all…this one can use on milestone XT720???

  30. kitty Says:


    i’ve used androot (the universal root app) to root my milestone. now im planning to use g.o.t. open recovery to have a nandroid backup.

    my question is, is this compatible with the way i’ve rooted my milestone?

  31. bullghost Says:

    iam using south asia G.O.T rom ,it work great i love it !!
    please keep it update for the next rom
    and this open recovery are cool, i use it for root and theme
    the laucherpro beta are expired, you need to replace it with new one, or it will cause random error as my experience

  32. Naresh Says:

    i have a problem. my phone is looping in the android logo (i guess). it’s not starting up. and suggestions. this happens only after i installed you theme.

    second does the open recovery actually installs in the phone coz mine is keep on showing the android recovery everytime i go to bootloader. i tried to use the apply update.zip as couple of times but it is not installing. it just opens the open recovery menu and when i choose the option to wipe dalvik cahce and then reboot to bootloader mode it will show the default android recovery.

    any help??
    thanks in advance.

  33. Hi,
    First i would like to thanks the G.O.T Team for his great work.
    I used your Open Recovery on a French Milestone to activate the folowing features:
    – Root
    – JiT
    – App2SD
    – G.O.T Mod
    – FLAC Support
    – build.prop customization
    – Overclock @ 1000 Mhz

    And everything (except overclock) worked liked a charm.

    I just had trouble with overclock @ 1000 Mhz so i modified Mh/VSel in overclock scripts according to this page:
    http://code.google.com/p/milestone-overclock/wiki/KernelModule (Thanks to Milestone Overclock Team) and now it works perfectly at 1000 Mhz

    I have questions concerning the G.O.T Mod:
    After installing it, i lost the option to set default wallpapers (non live) in the wallpaper menu (live wallpapers and multimedia gallery are still here). Is it correct ?
    If we change the G.O.T wallpaper and want to get it back, is it possible using the wallpaper menu ?

    Again, thanks for your great work.

  34. Oups questions was on “G.O.T Theme” not “G.O.T Mod” …

    Sorry about that 🙂

  35. freyr Says:

    How apps2sd works? I can’t figure out, every site writes something else, this is a program, but the howto-s writes somthing else. How sould I use this? I installed it.. and? What should I do to install/move apps to SD card?

  36. cwiekol Says:

    help me, help me please..

    i have a problem similar to this one
    My phone keeps rebooting, and vibrates continuously. – Droid Forum – Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum
    the phone is instantly booting and vibrating.. here is what caused the problem:

    i have installed GOT firmware 2.36.0 from G.O.T. SHOLS_U2_36.0 released for UK and Central Europe G.O.T.’s Blog
    with yours open recovery. i’ve installed all hacks with busybox and it works for me for few weeks.
    Today i wanted to install app2sd hack. I got to GOT menu, i’ve split SDCard and install app2SD. After i rebooted my phone it starts to vibrate when “android” screen appears. of course before that i did nadroid backup, but restoring it never helped.

    and here is what i’ve already done:

    i flashed my phone with GOT firmware again, didn’t help..

    Then i download original sbf 2.36.0 file for central europe with original bootloader 90.74 flashed it to my milestone by rds lite, erase all user data and reboot. phone is still vibrating, sometimes android welcome screen appears (with vibrating all the time) and then reboot again..
    I tried reboot without sd card, without sim card, i formated sd card back to only fat32, but still this same..

    what shall i do now????

  37. braidonh Says:

    ^^ did you try the irc

  38. serji Says:

    Thank you for your work! Now the bad news, I put your theme but the launcher pro says that the outdated version, I updated the Launcher pro through Android Market, after updating the black widget “Google search” has changed to light, and add widgets window has become a standard, you can fix your theme by adding to it fresh version of launcher pro, still a good idea to refresh in your future through the theme in the market, thanks.
    На латинице

  39. airfluff Says:


    How do I get the original settings back? I have installed the GOT theme and I don’t like it. I want to un-root my device.


  40. […] caso do ShadowModBR, é preciso possuir por exemplo, o Nandroid, o G.O.T e os drivers de instalação do celular (continue lendo este post para saber como proceder na […]

  41. […] As ferramentas necessárias para a geração e restauração de um nand backup num smartphone baseado em Android são encontradas nos sistemas de recovery alternativo. No caso do Quench, o melhor que conheço é o j_r0dd-mb501-v1.7.6 FINAL. O Milestone possui um mais famoso, que é o G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery. […]

  42. Galthan Says:

    How can I remove G.O.T theme?

  43. Ashish Says:

    Seems to have some lock up issues once in a while, but otherwise working v ery well. Thanks.

  44. Hello your Mode is Excellent ,but after root and install your Mode my Milestone have no Wifi connection ,all other funktions are good but this funktion don´t work 😦

  45. Tobias Claren Says:


    I will flash the Milestone with FroYo “GOT_DACH_GERMANY_2_2_1FULL.sbf”.
    It work not with rsd-lite. I can only flash “vulnerable_recovery_only_RAMDLD90_78.sbf”, and then start direct the update.zip (without reboot, with reboot OR will abort).

    Is it possible to flash FroYo “GOT_DACH_GERMANY_2_2_1FULL.sbf” (162MB) from sd-card with Open Recovery?

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