G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery

Download G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery

click to download (V1.04a)

The G.O.T. OpenRecovery includes the following amendments:

  • nandroid backup system
  • root your phone
  • wipe /data and /cache also wipe dalvik-cache
  • G.O.T. Modding Menu, where you can install various modifications such as memhack, apps2sd, overclocking, FLAC support, G.O.T. Theme, modified build.prop etc.
  • Includes dedicated overclocking menu with different settings – note we have locked all settings at VSEL 56 to avoid voltage damages. Tweak this to your device setting by modifying the overclock.sh in the /OpenRecovery/bin folder
  • Includes hardware keyboard menu to quickly change to QWERTZ, QWERTY, AZERTY, EURO QWERTY thanks to nadlabak
  • Enhanced restore menue now includes build.prop and others

V1.04a also adds the following:

  • Includes the JIT dalvik compiler (in the G.O.T menu)
  • Modified the apps2sd handling (bugfix)
  • Uses smaller update.zip (12 MB instead of 30MB)


G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery V1.04a

The G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery based on the OpenRecovery from Skrilax_CZ, here is the link to the original post an modmymobile.com

Open Recovery v1.14 [06/11/2010]

FLAC support and keyboard layout script was contributed by nadlabak

Download G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery

click to download (V1.04a)

180 Responses to “G.O.T.’s OpenRecovery”

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  3. Louis Says:

    Hm, perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea… I had CyanogenMod installed, but I just love the GOT theme, so I just installed that over CM6. Now I’m stuck at the M, it doesn’t even proceed to the boot animation. I guess I’ll have to recover a nandroid. Is there a right way to get these two to work together?

  4. Michael Says:

    Hello.. i just wanted to personally thank Team GOT for their hard work and dedication. I realize you guys are not doing this for financial gain or other ulterior motives and further, you guys generously share your work with the community.. i may only be one person, but i would like to say thank you to you all.. Your work has not gone unnoticed and it is greatly appreciated!

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  6. rheeanz Says:

    hi GOT’s team..thanks for this OR.GOT with this tools i can root my milestone.i’m still a newbie about milestone,there’s a few question i want to ask about my miley, i just rooted the phone using this tools an still have confuse about:
    1. if i make the partition using this tools, is it ok if the file i used to root my miley to be deleted? because i want to run apps2SD
    2. do i have to make a nandroid back up after i root my phone?
    that’s all my question, thx once again

  7. Thanks for all the hard work!

  8. Eddie Says:

    with which the GOT Openrecovery phones compatible?
    Only with Motorola Milestone?

  9. matt22 Says:


    Thanks for your work.
    I have an old version en G.O.T but, i can’t find anymore how to boot on recovery… someone can help me ?
    I try “X” button, “Camera Button”, “Camera Button” with “Volume +”.
    But nothing works … i allways got the “Android” icon.

    Thanks for help.

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  12. Eric Says:

    Well, I don’t what to say…
    My Volume+ is out or order,
    even restart to Recovery Mode by some reboot software,
    useless as it’s still need to press “Volume+ + Camera”.

    Any other way to run the G.O.T.?

  13. […] pruebas con MIUI hace ya cosa de 3 meses, empece a traves de un tutorial que recomendaba utilizar GOT y siempre he utilizado esta. La cuestion es que tiene diferentes Firmwares, 2.1, 2.2, etc… y la […]

  14. Francesco M. Says:

    Shouldn’t be safer to allow setting a password for the recovery menu?

  15. […] : https://groupoften.wordpress.com/g-o-t-s-openrecovery/ 1. Down load file GOT Openrecovery về. Trong này có file update.zip và 1 folder Openrecovery […]

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  17. Swedik Says:

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  18. llew Says:

    i just tried this mod and i have problems doing backups
    the backup does the dump of:
    recovery is bypassed
    and it does misc
    but it wont continue, any help here?

    • Anil_Trinidad Says:

      Hello llew. I had a similar problem doing a nandroid back up. It just keeps hanging up. I re-installed the vulnerable recovery, and then used the Open Recovery from this guide: . With this open recovery the backup worked. My phone is still on 2.1 Eclair, and I used a Windows 7 pc. No offense to the good work by G.O.T. though.

      • Anil_Trinidad Says:

        Sorry – the site did not post. Search mrmuh-dot-com and to the right of the page there is a link to upgrade Milestone to CM7. HTH.

      • llew Says:

        OK found the problem, it seems my SD card had some issues
        I/O seemed to fail but no error message was shown,
        changed to a new SD card and all working now

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  20. Just what seriously moved u to publish “G.O.T.s OpenRecovery G.
    O.T.’s Blog”? I personallyabsolutely enjoyed the post! Thanks for your effort -Danilo

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  22. Matthewred Says:

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  23. Love the site– really individual friendly and whole lots to see!|

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